Dr. Taz MD, Solutions for Living Healthy Naturally: Secrets For Seniors: Living Healthy Tips To Find Your Best Health, Beat Aging And Save Health Care Dollars

My mother-in-law recently retired from her job. Instead of looking forward to travel or more family time, her biggest concern, like that of many seniors in my practice, was the cost and burden of her health care. With a medical history that includes diabetes and hypertension, she knew her health care dollars needed to be used wisely.Senior [...]

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Dr. Taz MD, Solutions for Living Healthy Naturally: Back to School Survival Series Part Two, The Vaccine Debate Continues

August is National Immunization Awareness Month. As a parent preparing to send 2 kids back to school, I know this is a month when we all pull out our children's vaccine records to evaluate their vaccine needs.I have watched and listened to the many differing opinions on vaccines and the implications they have for our [...]

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Dr. Taz MD, Solutions for Living Healthy Naturally: Vitamins for Kids

In my practice, nutritional deficiencies factor strongly in treatment plans. When it comes to children, the first line of defense against vitamin deficiencies is a well-rounded diet of whole foods. I know, all the mothers of picky-eaters are rolling their eyes right now, but it takes more than just distaste for veggies to cause a problem.Vitamin supplementation is necessary [...]

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