Dr. Taz MD’s Weekly Q&A, November 13th, 2013

Q: What are your best tips for quitting smoking?A: It is tough to quit a lifelong addiction like smoking but learning your triggers for this behavior are key.  Are you stressed?  anxious? depressed?  Or do you only smoke with certain friends or when you drink alcohol.  Finding your triggers can help then determine the best modality for [...]

Dr. Taz MD’s Weekly Q&A, November 6th, 2013

Q: I am having trouble staying awake and alert throughout my workday. I get a full 8 hours of rest a night, yet I find myself yawning and becoming groggy early in the afternoon. What can I do to combat this?A: Your symptoms sound like classic adrenal fatigue. After long bouts of chronic stress, the body has [...]

Dr. Taz MD’s Weekly Q&A, September 2, 2013

Q: What are natural ways to treat Scleroderma?A: Scleroderma is an inflammatory disorder and signs of the immune system working against itself. I often begin patients with autoimmune conditions on an anti-inflammatory diet, lowering gluten and dairy, while increasing healthy fats found in nuts, seeds, and olive oil. My favorite anti-inflammatory supplements include, turmeric and high dose [...]

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