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Beating ADHD, Naturally: Focus on Alternatives

I call it the September phenomenon. My practice fills with children getting ready for school, college students grabbing their last-minute prescriptions and everyone questioning whether they should refill their ADD/ADHD medicine of choice.It is always interesting to see the diversity amongst my ADD population. Many young children and adolescents love the feeling of being “hyper-focused” [...]

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Back-to-School Survival Guide, Part I: Master the Schedule

August signals the end of summer and the start of another busy school year. Children, and their parents, are adjusting to new schedules, new activities and new teachers. With my 5-year-old headed off to kindergarten, I also feel the combined anxiety and excitement as my child begins a new chapter. Going back to school, I [...]

Dr. Taz MD Wellness Solutions: Back to School Brain Boost

Get your children ready for school with foods that support learning. Brain boosting foods support the neurotransmitters necessary for optimal focus, attention and energy.Breakfast is a critical meal for children, stimulating serotonin and regulating blood sugar. The wrong breakfast foods, however, can have the opposite effect. Start your child's day with the following easy breakfast [...]

Dr. Taz MD Wellness Solutions Managing ADHD: Success depends on how well you understand your child’s biotype

ADHD is one of the most common neurobehavioral disorders of childhood and approximately 70% of children diagnosed with ADHD will also have it into adulthood. ADHD affects a child's academic development in many ways. Children that cannot concentrate or are hyperactive usually perform poorly in both academics and sports. This fosters a frustrating relationship between [...]

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