Dr. Taz MD, Solutions for Living Healthy Naturally: Vitamins for Kids

In my practice, nutritional deficiencies factor strongly in treatment plans. When it comes to children, the first line of defense against vitamin deficiencies is a well-rounded diet of whole foods. I know, all the mothers of picky-eaters are rolling their eyes right now, but it takes more than just distaste for veggies to cause a problem.Vitamin supplementation is necessary [...]

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Dr. Taz MD Wellness Solutions: Back to School Brain Boost

Get your children ready for school with foods that support learning. Brain boosting foods support the neurotransmitters necessary for optimal focus, attention and energy.Breakfast is a critical meal for children, stimulating serotonin and regulating blood sugar. The wrong breakfast foods, however, can have the opposite effect. Start your child's day with the following easy breakfast [...]

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