• chronic fatigue syndrome exercise

Exercising with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Living with chronic fatigue syndrome is tiring not only for the mind, but for the body as well. High endurance exercises can leave you feeling exhausted for days. I always tell my patients with chronic fatigue to take it easy when trying to keep fit and active— go at YOUR OWN pace and view your [...]

From Calories to Cleanses: Weight Loss Secrets For the New Year

It’s that time again—another New Year, another opportunity for renewal and reinvention. For many, a New Year starts with a few weeks of inspiration followed by a return to unhealthy habits. A reason for the lackluster motivation is frustration that accompanies the world of weight loss along with misinformation or too much information. Is it [...]

  • Medicine Ball Exercises

Don’t Walk, Run and Buy a Medicine Ball

It’s amazing how many different types of equipment there are just to workout! Cavemen and women sure didn’t have all of this equipment. They used their bodies and body weight in a functional way to gather and hunt. They built strength, flexibility, and balance in a natural way. This is not the case in today’s [...]

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Summer Abs: Your Best Tone Ever

Summer is right around the corner, which means it is bathing suit and shorts season. Everyone has had those summers where you pull out the shorts from the year before, and they are a little too tight around the waist. It is so depressing. Sound familiar? I made a promise to myself to do the [...]

  • Two Killer Toning Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Two Killer Toning Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Who doesn’t want a toned derriere?! Unfortunately, if you don’t work it, you can lose it. The good news is that you don’t need 30-minutes to dedicate to your glutes. All it takes is 5-minutes, 3-6 times a week, which means you could do a few glute exercises even at work! You could also work [...]

  • Fuel UP: Pre- and Post-Workout

Fuel UP: Pre- and Post-Workout

Are you confused about what to eat before and after your workout? Are you constantly asking yourself if you should be downing a protein shake right after, or if you should workout on an empty stomach in order to burn more fat? These are common questions that my patients ask me all the time. There [...]

4 Yoga Poses for Better Posture

Everyday, I see an increasing amount of people with bad posture, and who can blame them? Gadgets that force us to either look down or hunch forward surround us. Our iPhones, laptops, and even the common work desk can be a breading ground for bad posture. I know– I struggle with this one myself. That [...]