• Autism Information for Parents

What Every Parent Should Know About Autism

If you’re concerned about the rising rates of autism in this country, you’re far from alone. Even doctors and scientists are still working hard to figure out exactly what causes the developmental disorder and why the numbers are increasing. I learned about the condition early on in my career, in residency, when I was faced [...]

Autism: 8 Foods and Supplements to Consider

For an overview of my Autism views and approach, please go back and read this post.Children and adults on the autism spectrum can benefit greatly from a balanced diet that includes certain therapeutic foods and supplements. In particular, foods and supplements that:Reduce inflammationRestore the intestinal barrierImprove the balance of gut microbiology (“ healthy bacteria”)Boost immunityAre [...]

My Journey Into Autism-Honoring Autism Awareness Month

This is a really exciting week for me.  Five years ago, this month, I began my integrative medical practice.  Five years have brought over 5000 patients, with amazing stories, hard won successes and sometimes, difficult to accept challenges.  I realized early in my practice that every day brings in new patients, with unique challenges and [...]