Ask Dr. Taz MD May 20th, 2014

Dear Dr. Taz,My son is 23 and suffers immensely from Ankylosing Spondylitis, Deg. Disk Disease and Malnutrition. Over 20 doctors have not been able to do anything for him, except wanting to put him on Humira. I am so heartbroken to watch my young, smart,sweet son become disabled and lose all hope. He is 6 [...]

5 Anti-inflammatory Diet Tips for Arthritis Relief

Are you burdened by chronic stiffness and achiness? You’re not alone. One in 5 adults has been diagnosed with arthritis (inflammation in the joints) and the number climbs to 50% in those over 65. 1  Women are more susceptible than men due to genetic predisposition, hormones/menopause, pregnancy and physical structure.There are two main types of [...]