Summer safety… Sunscreen confusion

We all try to be diligent with good sun protection, but the US still lags behind Europe in establishing good sunscreen safety standards.

According to the Environmental Working Group (, the US remains “stuck in the stone age of sun protection.” Many of the sunscreens on the market contain toxins or ingredients that don’t effectively protect against certain types of radiation.

Children’s products do seem to be safer as they do not contain oxybenzone and often have mineral ingredients.

I am sure you are left wondering on what to do about sun protection. Here are my recommendations. For you and your children, remember the key to preventing sun exposure starts before sunscreen.

1. Wear protective clothing and gear, including sunglasses, hats and long sleeves.

2. Stay out of the sun in peak sun exposure hours, especially between 12nn- 4 pm.

3. Use umbrellas and parasols if in the sun during high sun exposure times.

4. Buy sunscreens without oxybenzone and vitamin A.

5. Stay away from aerosols and powders.

For more information, check out 2012.

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