Subdue the Sugar Spike: a Healthier Halloween

Halloween can be a difficult time to keep track of your little one’s nutrition. Between the school parties, candy bags, and trick-or-treating, the holiday can give any mom a scare when the unwanted sugar spike comes. I love to make sure my kids get their fill-in and that they have an experience just like their friends would, but I always try to plan ahead to avoid any late-night belly aches, sugar hangovers, and week-long headaches.

Here are some of my tips to keep your kids healthy this Halloween:

  1. Goods over Goodies:

Cut back on some of the extra candy around the house and replace with little toys like yo-yos, spooky pencils, glow sticks, and other small items. Kids love the atmosphere of Halloween, and festive prizes are perfect for filling their happy tank!

  1. Get Creative:

Pick a day during the weekend and make a fun, healthy snack with the kids! I love to make a large bowl of all-natural popcorn, and let the kids mix in gluten-free pretzel sticks, a handful of granola, dark chocolate morsels, and a little bit of candy corn. They get to satisfy their sweet tooth, but in moderation!

  1. Set a Candy Plan:

The temptation of a candy-filled bucket is a lot for your little goblin to handle, (and even for most adults, too!) Set boundaries ahead of time and let your kids know exactly how many pieces they are allotted each day. I like to put their bags at the top of the pantry and have them pick the 2-3 they want throughout the day. It is also important to tell them when the candy will be gone – setting expectations avoids future tempter tantrums.

  1. Inspect the Findings:

Even if your child does not have any known food allergies, make sure to check their goodies! If any candy wrapper looks unsealed, old, or damaged – toss it! If your child has a peanut allergy or food intolerance of any kind, make sure to read those labels carefully! It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Feast Before:

I love to feed my kids a healthy and hardy bowl of chili or pumpkin soup before we go trick-or-treating. If anything, it ensures they won’t be reaching for extra handfuls of candy out of legitimate hunger! A happy, full belly means little-to-no meltdowns down the road.

Be safe this Halloween season and enjoy the wonderful family memories to come!