Upcoming Events

Nov 2018

Wellscence ATL, Atlanta, November 2018

THE WING: Let’s Talk Hormones, Washington DC, November 2018

Past Events

Oct 2018

Women at Google – NYC headquarters

Sept 2018

Serenbe, Atlanta. Topic: Beating Super-Woman Syndrome: How Highly Successful Women Achieve Balance

Leerink Partners Wellness Summit, Napa Valley, CA

Generation Rescue Autism Education Summit. Topic: Mommy Me-Time: Healing Begins with You

Pinewood Studios and Forest Atlanta Dream Home, Atlanta

April 2018

Deepak Homebase Event Panel: How Indoor Air Pollution Impacts Your Health

March 2018

TEDxLincolnSquare. Topic: The Science of Empowerment

Jan 2018

In Goop Health, Diet & Body Panel

Apr 2017

APRIL 20 Natures sunshine

Mar 2017

MARCH 12 Metagenics speaking today

Feb 2017

FEB 21 Thyroid 101 with Dr. Taz

May 2016

Featured speaker at A4M Hollywood, Fla.
Food Fears: Navigating Nutrition At Home and Abroad Event with Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Apr 2016

Guest Appearance on LIVE! with Kelly and Michael

Mar 2016

Keynote speaker for the Crohns and Colitis Foundation
Featured Speaker at the International College of Integrative Medicine
Speaker: Univ. of Miami, iCAMP, Miami

Feb 2016

Speaker: Integrative Healthcare Symposium, NYC