Savvy Chick Power Type Essential Package

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Savvy Chick Power Type 21 Day Plan
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Savvy Chick Supplement Guide
1 Tub Hormone Helper(30 Day)
1 Bottle Boost Supplement (30 Day)

EastWest - Hormone Helper

• Supports healthy hormone balance to keep you feeling and performing your very best!

• Promotes optimal thyroid function for higher metabolism and healthy weight

• Boosts your body’s ability to regulate testosterone levels to reduce or eliminate unwanted symptoms

• Addresses common menstrual symptoms like hot flashes and irritability

Enhances energy and vitality to keep you on top of your day – all day long

• Supports enhanced memory and brain function

1 Bottle

EastWest - Boost

Patented Methylated B-vitamin Blend for Hormone Balance, Mood, Memory Support

One month Supply (30 capsules)

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EastWest - Hormone Helper

EastWest - Boost