Want sharper mental focus, vibrant energy, protection from free radicals & weight loss support – all in one convenient vegetarian capsule?
Patented Methylated B-vitamin Blend
for Hormone Balance, Mood, & Memory Support
Supplies abundant energy thanks to a patented methylated B-vitamin blend.
Enhances mental focus with vitamins and other key nutrients.
Supports excellent cognition and memory - even for those who have suffered previous cognitive deterioration.
Promotes healthy metabolic function to make weight loss possible again – no matter how long you’ve been trying to drop those extra pounds!
EastWest Boost isn’t your typical pick-me-up.
Just one capsule each morning will give you the consistent energy to take on the day’s toughest challenges with ease… without jitters, headaches, or crashes.

And because I’m committed to empowering women through better health and performance, I've ensured that each capsule is...
Free from potentially toxic
ingredients like:
Instead, I created a 30-day supply of vegan, organic capsules that nourish your body and mind with:
Vitamin B6
Like all members of the B-vitamin family, pyridoxine (better known as vitamin B6) is widely known as a potent energy booster. Research has also shown that vitamin B6 can protect the nervous system and even boost metabolism (which is great if you could stand to drop a few pounds).
Vitamin B2
Riboflavin (or vitamin B2) is equally known for its energy stabilizing benefits and its antioxidant properties. You’re not only getting improved vitality and focus… you’re also getting protection against damage caused by free radicals, which may lead to certain types of cancer.
Vitamin B1
Like riboflavin, thiamine (or vitamin B1) is recommended for its antioxidant and energy-producing properties. But it’s also widely regarded as a memory enhancer, and may even help boost your immune system to help ward off illness.
Vitamin B12
Cobalamin (vitamin B12) can improve metabolic processes that convert food into fuel, helping you stay alert and energized without those energy crashes. It’s also important for mental sharpness – it has been shown to improve memory and focus, and has even been recommended for people suffering from Alzheimer’s.
Plus folate, pantothenic acid, magnesium, selenium, and leucine to maximize cognitive performance and eliminate low-energy periods!
And there’s no question when it comes to quality and purity – I work with a CGMP-compliant manufacturing facility (that’s managed by women, too), so you can be sure that every capsule contains only the most natural, potent ingredients available!
You get consistent energy you can rely on
Our patented methylated B-vitamin blend, plus other energy-enhancing ingredients, makes Boost the ONE energy amplifier that doesn’t come with “crashes,” mental “fog,” jitters, and other common side effects!
You get serious mental focus to do your best work all day long
Ever wonder why things take you so much longer in the afternoon than in the morning? That’s because your brain doesn’t have access to the right nutrients to keep you in “the zone.” But with EastWest Boost, that mid-day brain fog is a thing of the past!
You get powerful protection against harmful free radicals
Free radicals come from environmental toxins, processed foods and products, and hundreds of other sources. Left unchecked, they may lead to cancer and other devastating diseases. With Boost, you’re getting natural antioxidants to protect your body at the cellular level… keeping you healthy and strong!
You get potent weight loss support
Research has shown that pyridoxine, also known as vitamin B6, is responsible for supporting a healthy metabolism. So if you’ve been wanting to lose a few pounds but haven’t been able to make any progress, Boost could be the natural solution you’ve been looking for.
It’s time to experience the power of EastWest Boost for yourself!
Right now, I have a limited stock of EastWest Boost ready to ship to your home or office. Once you try it for yourself, you’ll find out what thousands of other women already know… that you can have the energy to pull off that superheroine lifestyle and have energy to spare – without resorting to sugary snacks, caffeine-laden drinks, or those atrocious “energy shots” that leave your brain feeling scrambled!
Find out what all-natural energy feels like – purchase now below and claim your supply of EastWest Boost today!
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Methylated B-vitamin complex
Methylated B-vitamin complex
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