EP 272 – Taking Women’s Wellness Seriously with Betsy Scanlan & Kelly Brock of The Good Patch


Join us today as we celebrate International Women’s Day by uplifting women’s issues in the health and wellness world! Today on the show, Dr. Taz is joined by 2/3 of The Good Patch. Co-founders and entrepreneurs Betsy Scanlan and Kelly Brock are here to share their story of creating their company, and how they’re helping to fill the gap in women’s wellness. They discuss how they created a product that treats hormone-based symptoms with clean ingredients, why CBD is such a powerful tool in wellness, and how so many women have found relief from their work.


Today on Super Woman Wellness:

  • Addressing the common wellness needs all women have
  • How The Good Patch is tackling fatigue, PMS, pain management, and more
  • The technology and story behind The Good Patch
  • How CBD is a powerful tool in pain management and reducing stress

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