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Dr. Taz MD Speaking Engagements


PBS Super Powered Luncheon with Dr. Taz, April 2019

THE WING: Let’s Talk Hormones, Washington DC, April 2019

Spanx, August 2019. Topic: Superwoman Syndrome: Why Your Power Type Matters


In Goop Health, January 2018. Diet & Body Panel

TEDxLincolnSquare, March 2018. Topic: The Science of Empowerment

Deepak Homebase Event Panel: How Indoor Air Pollution Impacts Your Health, April 2018

Serenbe, September 2018. Topic: Beating Super-Woman Syndrome: How Highly Successful Women Achieve Balance

Leerink Partners Wellness Summit, Napa Valley, CA, September 2018

Generation Rescue Autism Education Summit, September 2018. Topic: Mommy Me-Time: Healing Begins with You

Pinewood Studios and Forest Atlanta Dream Home keynote speaker, September 2018

Women at Google – NYC headquarters, October 2018

Wellscence ATL, November 2018


MindBodyGreen Revitalize, September 2016. Topic: Analyze Your Tongue, Optimize Fertility + Balance Hormones

FounderMade Wellness Conference, October 2016. Topic: BIO HACKING: TAKING YOUR HEALTH TO THE NEXT LEVEL


National Charity League, Nutrition for Every Decade (2/14)

5 Pillars of Optimal Health and Vitality, Women In Transition- Critical Health Points YPO Southern 7 Chapter- Greenbrier (6/12)

Emory Lecture Series- Ongoing monthly Integrative Medicine presentations to Emory medical students and residents. (9/11- present)

Sustainable Superwomen: Strategies for Optimal Health, Wellness and Beauty. Atlanta Independent Women’s Network (4/12)

Nutrition in Integrative Medicine

GADA meeting (2/12)

Integrative Medicine: The Journey to Sustainable Health Global Health Summit (4/11, 1/12)

Alternative Approaches to Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Crohns and Colitis Foundation (4/11, 12/12)

Pediatrics In Integrative Medicine. Alive expo (5/11)

A Parallel Path: Cancer Survivors Options. Cancer Survivors Network (5/10)


Create Cultivate
WSJ Future of Health
The Wing NYC
MBG Revitalize