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After 8 years of meeting and treating more than 10,000 women in my integrative medicine practice, I can confidently say we’re all super heroes. Women live busy and demanding lives—we raise and care for our children, lead successful careers, keep our partners and family members in check and somewhere along the line we find time to treat ourselves to the TLC we deserve. But what I’ve also realized, after working as a physician for more than a decade, is that if a woman understands her body and what she needs, finding healing and that healthy number on the scale is achievable!

So after seeing all of these women from coast to coast, I began seeing a pattern of five predominant types of women. I started recognizing it to the point where I could almost always determine which “type” a patient or person was at first introduction—though, of course, I always do my due diligence with everyone—taking a complete inventory of the patient’s history, physical exam and lab work. But, my initial instinct in determining what I call a “Power Type” almost always rings true.

What’s a Power type?

I started tracking these similar patterns and their common issues, ailments, strengths and weaknesses. I kept testing my theory—meeting patients, strangers in the supermarket, friends and really anyone I came across—trying to see if there really was a core group of “Types” that worked for all women. Using what I learned from these countless experiences, I got to thinking that a more formal method for recognizing these Power Types ought to be in place—and that it may even help identify a woman’s various health issues and needs.

So what are these mysterious power types? I’ve narrowed them down to the following:

  • Gypsy Girl
  • Boss Lady
  • Savvy Chick
  • Earth Mama
  • Nightingale

Which One Are You?