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Podcast: The Dr. Taz Show EP 44 – 10 Minutes to Toned: The Jump Rope Workout


The Super Woman RX – Pre-order Now!

Batch Cooking

Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Vitamin B3

Picky Eater? Here’s how to get him to chow down

Tackling ADHD – FOX 5

Healthy School Lunches – Fox 5

Confused Over Gluten

Podcast: The Dr Taz MD Show
Body Love: Rethinking Nutrition & Eating with Kelly LeVeque

The Four Types of ADHD in Children

Smoothie Bowls with Acai Berries

Super Woman Sweepstakes – Enter Now!

Natural Treatments for Children with ADHD

Six Steps To Losing Weight The Healthy Way

4 Yoga Poses for Better Posture

Podcast: The Dr Taz MD Show
A Story of Hope: Recovery from Eating Disorders

Can Boozing Really Lower Your Diabetes Risk?

Best Postpartum Smoothie

Why You Likely Need Collagen

5 Ways TCM Helps Clear Your Skin

Dr. Taz’s Kombucha “Mojito” (Alcohol Free)

Getting Back-to-School Ready with ATL & Co.

Don’t Walk, Run and Buy a Medicine Ball

Podcast: The Dr Taz MD Show
Your Skin: How to Maintain Healthy Skin for Life

A Note to My Women Readers (And a Chai Smoothie Recipe!)

Men’s Sperm Counts Are Plummeting, But Why?

3 Ways to Change Up Your Morning Smoothie

Summer Abs: Your Best Tone Ever

Podcast: The Dr Taz MD Show
Get Younger: Yes, You Can Turn Back the Clock

Healing A Leaky Gut

Leaky Gut: Signs, Symptoms & Healing

Dr. Taz’s Healthy Summer Basil Rolls

Lemon lime Ginger Iced Tea with Basil

Lemon-lime Ginger Iced Tea with Basil

Foods for Glowing Summer Skin

Fermented red clover extract stops menopausal hot flushes and symptoms

Could Artificial Sweeteners Be to Blame for Weight Gain?

Dr. Taz MD’s Beach Exercises

The Doctor’s Guide to Hormonal Imbalance – MindBodyGreen Class

Which Type of Super Woman are You? Find Out!

Success as a female doctor: What is the recipe?

Homemade Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Supplement Warning: Are You Getting the Right Vitamin D?

Summer Smoothie with Apple Cider Vinegar

The Super Woman RX – Pre-order Now!

Dr. Taz’s Holiday Travel First Aid Bag

Which Vitamins Do My Child Really Need

How Strength Training Changes Your Body For Good

The Best Time Of Day to Drink Kombucha, According to Doctors

Podcast: The Dr Taz MD Show
Easy, Healthy & Traditional Indian Cooking for Diabetes

You Could Have 48 Hours to Avoid Lyme Disease After a Tick Bites You

The Holiday De-Bloat Smoothie

Refreshing Juice Blends for Hot Summer Days

Podcast: The Dr Taz MD Show
Nicole Granato: My PCOS Story

Could Acupuncture Be an Effective Cure for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)?

7 Hidden Fourth of July Health Risks

DIY Organic Coconut Milk Recipe

The Keto Diet: Everything You Need to Know

The Truth About Dry Drowning

Podcast: The Dr Taz MD Show
Nutrition Facts: Bringing Back Fat

The Super Woman Rx, PRE-ORDER TODAY!

Confused About Coconut Oil? Here’s What You Should Know

An Unconventional Father’s Day Letter to all Dads {for moms’ eyes too}

The 10 Best Tricks For Quitting Sugar – mindbodygreen

Podcast: The Dr Taz MD Show
Broken Brains, Neuroplasticity & the Science of God

The Best Gift You Can Give Dad is Good Health

Yoga, meditation counter gene expression changes that cause stress

East meets West: Stanford students invited to sample Tibetan medicine during clerkships

What Your Doctor’s Visit Will Be Like in 2025

Podcast: The Dr Taz MD Show
Change Your Brain: ADHD to Alzheimer’s, Tips from Dr. Perlmutter

Summer Produce Guide: What to Pick & Ways to Use

Getting Enough Omega Fatty Acids May Reduce Your Risk of Alzheimer’s

Is Sunscreen-Free Time Allowed? + Natural Sunscreen

Podcast: The Dr Taz MD Show
The Bon Vivant Life: Happiness as the Best Medicine

Is It Time to Get Rid of Traditional Asthma Inhalers?

Roasted Indian Chicken, Vegetables & Chickpeas

Podcast: The Dr Taz MD Show
Women’s Health for Autoimmunity and Arthritis

Stay Safe This Memorial Day Weekend

How to pick the best sunscreen for your skin

Download Summer Fat Fix eBook

Podcast: The Dr Taz MD Show
Mindfulness Over Moderation​: New Approach to Food & Weight

Podcast: The Dr Taz MD Show
Bonus Episode: How to Do Right By Your Body without Giving Up Your Life

Easy Bone Broth Recipe

Podcast: The Dr Taz MD Show
An Integrative Approach to Fertility

Best Women’s Health Tips by Decade

Never Get A Hangover Again By Starting The Party With These Pre-Drink Rituals

Drink This Doctor-Approved Morning “Kale-Ade” To Calm Your Annoying Allergies

Podcast: The Dr Taz MD Show
AMH, Egg Freezing & Your Personal Fertility Journey

Essential Oils Not to Use in the Sun

Podcast: The Dr Taz MD Show
Encore Episode Hormone Secrets: What Your Body is Trying to Tell You

Dr. Taz MD’s Mock Sangria

Get to Know Dr. Taz MD

Podcast: The Dr Taz MD Show
Understanding Leaky Gut: Why Your Gut Matters

Avocado Egg Salad

Spring Clean Your Gut

10 Things You Didn’t Know Could Affect Your Fertility

Up Your Immunity with “Golden Milk”

Podcast: The Dr Taz MD Show
Using the Tools of Improv Comedy to Transform Your Life with Katie Goodman

Allergy-Busting Apple, Ginger Tea

7 Reasons Eggs are Awesome

Breathe Deep: Essential Oils for Allergy Relief

Easy Protein Bfast for the Family

Podcast: The Dr Taz MD Show
Whole30 & Your Health with Melissa Hartwig

Allergy Prevention: Kale Blueberry Pineapple Smoothie

Everything You Need to Know About Spring Allergies

Are Spring Allergies Driving You Nuts? This Doctor-Approved Strawberry Faux-jito Smoothie Will Help

Podcast: The Dr Taz MD Show
Tips for Raising Healthy Kids

Beat Your Allergies This Season With These Doctor-Approved Tips

Podcast: The Dr Taz MD Show
Stress Addiction: The New Epidemic

Easy & Quick Meal: Avocado Toast

Study shows acupuncture may reduce frequency of migraine attacks

Podcast: The Dr Taz MD Show
Breastfeeding Tips & Tricks

7 Inspiring Women Who Changed the Course of Medicine

Podcast: The Dr Taz MD Show
Encore Episode: Why Women Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Hormones

Podcast: The Dr Taz MD Show
Your Food & Your Life: Bridging the Gap

Integrative Heart Disease Prevention

Podcast: The Dr Taz MD Show
The Super Woman’s Whole Health Fix

Cold Fighting Tips

Protein Pancake Recipe

New Research on Parkinson’s

Nourishing Turkey Chili

Adult Memberships at CentreSpringMD

Pediatric Memberships at CentreSpringMD+Peds

De-Bloat Smoothie Recipe

Sugar Detox Challenge