Hormone-Friendly Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

The holidays are a time for giving, and we have the perfect gift ideas for the health-conscious woman in your life! These are the 14 best wellness gifts to help her stay on track with goals, protect hormones, ease tension, and get some active relaxation. From skincare items and self-care to household products and fitness tech, we’ve got you covered.

Scalp Massager

Regular scalp massage doesn’t just feel phenomenal, but it can actually help give you a fuller-looking head of hair too. A good head massage increases circulation to the scalp and exfoliates buildup that can restrict hair growth.

Use a hand-held scalp massager or a large-toothed comb, like this beautiful jade gua sha comb. The hand-carved comb is designed to promote circulation and reduce tension, and since it’s made of jade—which is thought to be the stone of eternal youth—it brings all the good energy vibes to your hair care routine. Makes a perfect stocking stuffer!

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Air Purifier

Did you know that your indoor air is as much as 5 times more polluted than outdoor air? The air we breathe has a direct effect on detox pathways and hormonal balance. During the winter months, we’re all spending more time indoors which means it’s that much more important that the air we’re breathing is free from harmful substances such as VOCs, molds, gasses from furniture and textiles, and the buildup of harmful compounds like radon and carbon monoxide.

Blue Air has options for every size room in your house—plus their design is sleek and modern, integrating seamlessly into the look of your home.

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5-Minute Journal

The best way to start every day of the year is with gratitude! There are so many options for a daily wellness journal, but I love this five minute journal. It’s just the thing for those who might be hesitant to jump into more involved mindfulness and mental health practices like meditation.

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A Cozy Waffle Bathrobe

Any wellness-obsessed person knows how important it is to recharge! There’s nothing better than enjoying a slow weekend morning before the rest of the family wakes up, wrapped in a soft, plush robe, and slowly sipping a cup of tea. This waffle robe from Brooklinen is made from all-natural fibers, is super absorbent so it’s great when you need to throw something on after a shower, or if you just feel like relaxing around the house. A great gift to promote relaxation.

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Beauty Bundle from the East West Way

It seems like everyone has their go-to collagen supplement these days, but why not maximize the effectiveness for your favorite wellness enthusiast with collagen-building nutrients like antioxidants and vitamin C? 

Combining Lush Locks with CollaglowC provides B vitamins and biotin for healthy skin, hair, and nails, plus a boost of collagen and natural vitamin C to help your body synthesize its own collagen-building amino acids.

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Organic Beauty Products

What to get the skin care devotees on your list when you’re trying to avoid endocrine disrupting chemicals? Look no further than organic beauty products from Eminence Skincare. Hydrating facial serums, creamy body lotion, and the best in anti-aging skincare is also completely organic with no toxins to disrupt hormones. You can find this line in most spas, as well as in the CentreSpringMD Spa shop.

I love their line of strawberry rhubarb products, but they also make convenient starter kits for any skin concern!

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Showerhead Filter

If you filter the water you drink, what about the water coming from your shower? Depending on the quality of water coming from your shower, it could be the hidden culprit behind so many issues, including acne, hair damage, hormone imbalances, and skin irritation.

The water you shower in is so fundamental to the health of every part of your body (not to mention how your hair and skin look and feel), and luckily there are some great companies out there who feel the same way, like Jolie Skin Co.

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Energy Healing Session

There’s no better way to recover from holiday stress than with an energy healing session. Energy healers are incredibly intuitive and diverse in their modes of treatment, helping to address issues like anxiety, past trauma, stress, and overall resilience. If you or a loved one is going through a transition in your life—including something like perimenopause or menopause—an energy healing session can make a huge difference in how your body and mind handle new changes.

At my clinic in Atlanta, energy healing sessions use a combination of modalities including Reiki, crystal therapy, breathwork, visualization, and essential oils to unblock stagnant energy and facilitate emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. This is the healthy gift for the woman in your life who you feel like ‘already has everything’.

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Low-or No-Alcohol Cocktails

‘Tis the season for indulging responsibly and without the hangover! Booze-free cocktails are a great way to relax and enjoy holiday gatherings, while still fulfilling that ‘ritual’ of sipping a festive drink. Plus, Ritual Zero Proof drinks are made with ingredients like adaptogens and calming minerals that actually benefit your nervous system. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Cheers!

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A Sent-From-Heaven Eye Mask


Banish dark undereye circles and dryness with a “forever” eye mask from Dieux. Gone are your days of tossing cheap, ineffective single-use eye masks, when you can pair this sustainable product with your favorite eye cream or moisturizer.

This women-owned and operated company says on their website that they’re “religious about results” as well as sustainability and transparency. And the hundreds of 5-star reviews from skincare experts and devotees certainly seem to agree!

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Oura Ring

The gold-standard in wearable wellness tech, the Oura Ring compiles data by measuring your biomarkers to give you a score for “Sleep, Readiness, and Activity”. These scores tell you how your body feels and what your body needs, every second of every day. If you’re tracking your menstrual cycle, ovulation, or hormones, the Oura Ring is a huge help. You’ll know when you need more sleep, when you might be getting sick, when it’s time to push yourself—and more.

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Saffron Bath Soak

For the bath connoisseur in your life, you’re going to want to turn them onto one of the most restorative bath soaks ever that focus on blending traditional wisdom with science.

The Saffron Bath Soak uses a saffron and baking soda foundation with a scent of sandalwood, vanilla, and rose. This soothing soak supports the body’s pH balance, soothes skin, reduces tension, and helps “remove spiritual blockages” according to their founder, Nikki Bostwick. You can then opt for a milk bath or a salt bath by adding in goat’s milk powder or sea salt.

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Toxin Free Household Products

Elevate your clean routine with Branch Basics. If you’re looking to make the switch from toxic household cleaning products, it’s never a bad time! Branch Basics offers an all-in-one starter kit that makes it easy to make the switch.

If you’re on a mission to decrease your toxic load, Branch Basics makes it easy to cut out harmful chemicals that can worsen hormone imbalances and increase risk of serious disease and lung cancer. Their products are safe for all members of your household, and one product can tackle all of your cleaning needs. It’s time to get rid of the 50 different chemical cleaning products crowding the space underneath your sink.

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A Perfect Date Night

During what can be a hectic holiday season for many couples, getting a chance to reconnect is key, and it’s always better if done in a fun way. These cards help you connect with your partner over questions and conversation ideas that get the good energy flowing–even if you’ve been with your partner for years and think you know everything there is to know about them. This deck covers topics from six categories, including life, your relationship, and intimacy.

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Dr. Taz Bhatia M.D.