Getting Back-to-School Ready with ATL & Co.

The end of summer is near, which means it’s about that time to send your little ones off to school again! Time to join the hustle and bustle of school supply shopping, bus ride arrangements, parent-teacher conferences, and much, much more. As July nears its end and fall begins to introduce itself again, it’s important to be thinking of back-to-school routines and preparation. Don’t worry—getting your children back-to-school ready doesn’t have to be a stress fest. That’s why I’ve shared with you my best tips on getting you and your family organized for the new school year.

  1. Sleep: Use these next few weeks to shift your family’s sleep patterns to a regular school schedule. Move bedtimes up by 30 minutes every 4-5 days to get children ready for that 6 a.m. alarm.
  2. Food: Make sure they get their breakfast in! At first, it may be hard since your children are used to waking up later, but it is the most needed meal of the day.
  3. Orientation: Get your kids familiar with their new classroom. Drive them by, meet teachers, and enroll in any before school activities.
  4. Assess classroom needs: Children with certain needs should have a meeting with their teacher before school starts so they can prepare for any food allergies, fine motor weakness, and hearing and vision needs specific to your child.
  5. Organization: Have a “family huddle” before each day!
  6. Medications/Vaccines: Inform the school of any medication or vaccine issues before school actually starts.
  7. Immune: With a new school year come new germs. Make sure your kids have clean hands and limited sugar intake. Use herbal antivirals such as astragalus daily or essential oils like lavendar to keep kids well

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Back-to-School Ready with Dr. Taz MD on 11 Alive