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Understanding the Inflamed Brain — How Your Brain is Crashing Your Hormones

July 16 @ 9:00 am 12:00 pm

Get to the root of ADHD, anxiety, depression, brain fog, & dementia —for all ages! Workshop a treatment plan for you, your teen, or someone you love.

For women, there’s one MAJOR thing you’re overlooking when it comes to hormones!

The control center of all hormone imbalances—your brain!

Think of your brain as a finely tuned orchestra conductor, guiding every hormone like a note in an epic symphony. If the conductor gets frazzled, so does the music. So, calming your brain is regulating the nerve center that controls everything hormonal.

To regain balance, you MUST get to the root cause—brain inflammation. This sly culprit sits back in stealth mode, throwing off your hormonal harmony without you even noticing.

With an inflamed brain, you’ll struggle with:
Adrenal fatigue
Anovulation or fertility issues
Chronic Fatigue

My newest workshop is your playbook for reclaiming hormonal balance and a happy mind. You’ll walk out with not just knowledge, but actual plans. Plans tailored to zap away that irritating brain fog and replace it with clear, calm energy.

These methods are gold for dialing down brain inflammation. Imagine setting the stage for smooth hormonal rhythms just by tuning your brainpower! I’ll show you how—using the best methods from traditional Eastern medicine and modern science.

Ready to transform not just your body but your mind too? Join me July 16th from 9 am to 12 pm ET—This workshop is the FIRST of its kind, and spots are like gold dust, so don’t wait!

* BONUS Live Q&A—July 16th at 8 pm EST in Dr. Taz’s private Facebook group. Open to all workshop attendees.

Understanding the Inflamed Brain — How Your Brain is Crashing Your Hormones



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