Most weight loss plans and fitness regimens are designed to be one-size-fits all. Sure, a diet might tweak your calories based on your gender, and your personal trainer might show you how to track your heart rate based on your age, but other than that you won’t find an individualized plan that suits your unique needs. With that in mind, there are three common mistakes that most women make when it comes to weight loss.

Say Nada to Soda or any other sugary or sweetened beverage

Sugary beverages pass the satiation notification center in your brain, so you stay hungry and eat more.

Stop Scrimping on Sleep

Women are more likely to have trouble sleeping and being tired during the day than men. I see this all the time. Moms and CEOs alike who stay up late to get the laundry done, lunches packed, and to grab some solitude. Unfortunately, lack of sleep throws your hormones out of whack—hormones that cause you to overeat and gain weight.

Don’t be Generic

So many women try to do what works for everyone else—their friends, mom, sister, co-worker….and are shocked when it doesn’t work! Your body is unique and requires a unique plan for healing and lasting weight loss.

In my new book, the Super Woman Rx, you’ll find five separate and complete 3-week plans that address your eating, fitness, mindfulness, and more for better vitality, happiness, and health. These plans are designed to fit the five superwomen I meet again and again in my practice. You can find out if you are a Gypsy Girl, Boss Lady, Savvy Chick, Earth Mama, or Nightingale here.