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Super Woman RX with Dr. Taz

As featured on PBS – December 2018

Unlock the Secrets for Lasting Health, Find Your Perfect Weight and Increase Energy and Passion with this Health Plan for Women

Modern womanhood often means juggling multiple roles—businesswoman, mother, spouse, homemaker and more — all while being expected to look perfectly composed. In other words, it means being superhuman! Super Woman Rx addresses these challenges in a frank and prescriptive way, unlocking the secrets for lasting health, finding your perfect weight and increasing energy and passion.

Navigating busy lives can make it can seem almost impossible to maintain physical health. Overwhelmed and exhausted, many women find themselves falling into unhealthy eating habits, with no time for exercise or self-care. But diet and fitness plans are usually one-size-fits-all, and those universal programs don’t work for every woman and every personality, especially for women ages 60+. 

Integrative health and wellness expert Tasneem Bhatia, MD, known to her patients as Dr. Taz, has a plan that is anything but cookie-cutter. Her mission is to help women over the age of 60 achieve optimum health and she is passionate about helping women with her personalized plans in Super Woman Rx.

The Secret Behind Female Empowerment

As featured at TEDx Lincoln Square

Functional medicine doctor Taz Bhatia, M.D., says that stress overload manifests in different ways in her patients. For some, stress contributes to weight gain or weight loss resistance; for others, stress may be a factor in thyroid disorders, anxiety, PCOS, or gut issues. Here’s what Dr. Taz does not tell her patients: to slow down, to calm down, to give something up—things she has no interest in being told or doing herself. Instead, she has drawn from conventional medicine, Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, research, and her own health struggles to come up with a toolbox that women can use to optimize their health one simple, concrete step at a time.

Ready to Discover
Your Power Type?

Discover the Secrets to Lasting Health, Your Perfect Weight, Energy, and Passion with Dr. Taz’s Power Type Quiz!


About Dr. Taz

Dr. Taz Bhatia, M.D. is a board-certified integrative medicine physician and wellness expert, who gained national recognition as a best-selling author of the books, “What Doctors Eat,” “The 21 Day Belly Fix,” and “Super Woman RX.” Her integration of Eastern medical wisdom with modern science, along with her unique Power Type discovery, has led to featured segments on The Today Show, Dr. Oz, Live with Kelly & Ryan and eventually the premiere of own PBS special Super Woman RX with Dr. Taz.

Ready to Discover Your Power Type?

Discover the secrets to lasting health, your perfect weight, energy, and passion with Dr. Taz’s Power Type Quiz. 

Does That Make Me a Bartender?

As the daughter of immigrants, I know the stories of my mother and my grandmothers- and as a wife- I have had to expand my boundaries to embrace a family unlike mine- and understand their culture, religion and values.

I guess that makes me an integrator or a bartender of sorts- mixing and merging people, cultures, medicine, science, and history. Sometimes I feel like a bartender, able to step back and observe while the party continues in front of me.

In my earlier years, I used to get really frustrated with women. Why would they not leave that guy or fight oppression or stay silent in the face of abuse? Why would they turn against each other and not empower one another?

Patience is not one of my strengths and my frustration would often translate to irritability and intolerance- losing a few friends and acquaintances along the way.

But what if I told you that these decisions, seemingly external or a function of our will, are embedded in our DNA and then passed down generationally, molded and rooted in our chemistry. That the milieu of hormones, nutrients, gut function and energy, play a hand in the daily decisions of all women? That there is a science to empowerment and To empower women in totality, we have to help them change their chemistry, alter their DNA and embrace their authenticity.

We Do Have the Power to Change it All

It is our collective responsibility to change the trajectory of disempowerment or society, as we have already witnessed, will crumble.

Without empowered and healthy women, societies fail, countries fall and the children are just forgotten.

But, wait a minute, what if I told you that we do have the power to change it all, -we just have to change our DNA?

There exists a challenge that we as women carry with us. It winds back to our earliest ancestors and what we know about the primitive brain. It links together the structure of our brains, the understanding of mitochondrial dna, and the anatomy of thought and energy.

From the earliest archaeological findings, we know that the size of our brains and shape of our heads has changed structurally, from the enlarged frontal cortex to the embossed foreheads, we look far different than we did in prehistoric times.

But while geologists dig for bones, the new way to track our history, inheritance and even migration patterns, is to track mitochondrial dna or the dna that is inherited maternally. In fact, today, ancestral studies look at mitochondrial dna to understand familial roots and origins. The mitochondrial genome, exists outside of the center of cells, and cannot be recombined with other cells, providing archaeologists and scientists, a direct genetic line, not influenced by the father or Y chromosome.

It’s Coded in Our DNA

Let’s take a look – here we have a prototype of an early prehistoric brain. Over time, this structure has evolved to what it looks like today; notice the difference between the male brain and the female brain. The female brain is smaller, but with greater surface area or volume, compared to the male brain- essentially a more efficient organ- but we already knew that.

At the same time, take a look at dna, the very molecule that is handed down generationally and passed within families. We are learning so much about how much information is contained in DNA. While we knew that how we look, intelligence, and phenotypic traits like our eye color is coded in our dna, we are learning everyday that there is so much more there, including our emotional landscape.

Stop for a Second and Absorb the Responsibility

Take a look at a picture of a cell- each cell has dna and each cell also has mitochondrial dna, a specific type of dna that is inherited from the maternal line or mother. Every organ in our body is made up of billions of these cells- every piece of us- reverberating with dna passed down over time- maybe even from prehistoric times. Your brain is essentially a computer, with multiple microchips, coded with a memory- a lot more gigabytes I am sure than my apple account, – – all held in DNA and passed most noticeably- from your maternal line.

Here is what we know about mitochondrial dna- studies show that certain sequences in mitochondrial dna are linked to emotions, attention, memory, the ability to multitask, and cognition. It is a storehouse for the thoughts and characteristics of your mother, grandmother and her great grandmother.

Finally, lets review what is known today on thought and the anatomy of a thought and its relationship to energy. Without getting too much into quantum physics, we understand today that all thought is a form of energy, which the brain processes and then records- essentially a computer for our experiences. We can see in research today how the structure of the brain changes, how cells respond, in relationship to our thoughts.

Let me stop for a minute- we have our brains, mitochondrial dna and thought- which is essentially energy- all working together in concert to record and interpret our life experiences. There is fascinating research on vibrational energy and the energy of thought and how it is then recorded in the human body- in these billions of cells that we walk around with everyday.

Our thoughts matter and determine our choices. We are essentially coding and processing every day, computing and responding to our environment. All this data is recorded in our cells- and here is the responsibility- the challenge for all women- this data- our thoughts- is then passed down generation after generation. In fact, there is some talk that it takes seven generations to redirect this coding fully.

Stop for a second and absorb the responsibility that we as women and a society have to each other, to our daughters, and to our generations to come. If we follow this line of reasoning, could it be, that we have learned or are fighting the imprinting of our maternal ancestors, and still fighting their fight?

When This Hit Me, I Was Stunned

Is this why we say yes, rather than no, dont stand up for ourselves, sacrifice our interests and fail to recognize and understand our power? Is this why a strong woman, chooses the wrong partner or cannot protect her financial interests? Is this why, we turn to tribal behavior, stepping on each other to get to the “man” or perceived power source, sacrificing our sisterhood along the way?

Think about the implications and the responsibility here- that means that groups that are disenfranchised today, will struggle for generations to reclaim their identity – their power- as the experience of one generation is slowly diluted over time?

When this hit me, I was stunned, confused but relieved. I finally get it- I get why we as women work against our self interest, our needs, our rights- we are still fighting their fight! We need to change this- or our children will be fighting this same fight and will take exponentially more time to change the course of history.

But here is the best news of all- we can change this- by embracing the power of thought, understanding its connection to our actions and recognizing our past- we can reshape the future. Women everywhere, need to band together, understand their chemistry, take responsibility for their minds and follow their intuition-

listen to that voice that guides you in your interest and sees you at your highest- not the one that sacrifices your needs, makes you feel second or any less than you are or —-makes you hurt another woman.

You have to do this- meditate, journal, pray, do yoga, sing- I dont care- find a way to harness your thoughts- because every thought is actionable and with responsibility and consequence.

When we are gone we all want to leave the world a better place than when we found it- we want our daughters to fight their own fight—-not our fight.

So- yes- you can change your dna, you can influence what is passed down and if we all did this – we really can change the world. This is the time, the moment to embrace this responsibility- wherever you are in the world- dont accept second best, fight for your rights and find your power.

Our daughters and granddaughters are watching.

Thank you.

“My mission is to empower 1 million women to find their super powers, restore their health and wellbeing, & embrace their purpose & gifts.”

– Taz Bhatia, M.D.

PBS Super Woman RX with Dr. Taz Transcript:


Thank you! Welcome to the Super Woman RX, I’m Dr. Taz.  I am a physician with 20 years of clinical practice focused on women’s health. This is an interesting time for women today – while we have every opportunity, we are more stressed than any other generation of women in history – we collectively have what I call Super Woman Syndrome.  We can do anything, but the stress of multitasking and juggling many different roles without support has left us battling a number of health conditions. Sound familiar? It’s not just you – the statistics really tell the story.

Act 1

Women experience twice the amount of anxiety and depression compared to men. In fact, almost 10% of women suffer from anxiety and depression but this statistic jumps to 25% for women over 50!

Cardiovascular disease is an epidemic. Heart Disease is the leading killer of women today. And Super Woman Syndrome isn’t doing us any favors in other ways, too. Almost 40 % of women are obese. 40%! When it comes to something like autoimmune disease -75% of people coping with autoimmune disease today are women. And the incidence of cancer increases as women approach their 60’s, too.

What you really need to hear though is what’s behind these statistics. Much of our future health outcomes are determined by our health in middle age – somewhere between 50-65.  Let me just repeat that, because it’s so important. OUR FUTURE HEALTH is determined by our health from ages 50-65.

All women today suffer from Super Woman syndrome, but for women over 50, it is even more debilitating.  As the traditional fabric of our society crumbles, women in their 50s and beyond may or may not be working, may or may not live close to their family, may or may not have a partner or community — and so many don’t have a roadmap to help them journey this next phase of their lives.  We absorb from media, medicine and movies that we have limited options- and most of us accept this nontruth as a fact – when it isn’t. The juggling continues for many of us, with unprecedented stress that only magnifies, when you add concerns about our families, community or society.

Super Woman Syndrome is real – and really tough! I see some of you nodding, so I know you’ve experienced it firsthand. I see it firsthand, too, and I help patients with it every day in my clinical practice.  And I’ve got some incredible news — instead of feeling defeated and depressed – we can feel Super Powered.

Sound impossible? Nope. That’s because I’ve created an incredible strategy that we all can use to unlock our own superpowers. I call it Powertyping – and by finding your Powertype, you can create the best plan to change your health outcome.  Yes – You can have energy, lose weight and stay sharp so you can move on to whatever is next in your life – maybe you want to go back to school, volunteer, start a business or just spend more time with your friends and family – the goal does not matter, with The Super Woman Rx – you will find your superpowers and the ability and strength to accomplish your dreams. 

So, what’s a PowerType? Well, it’s a way that I discovered to help women develop a roadmap to their best health and their best life.  Each of you fit into one of 5 Powertypes and each of these types need a plan that is specific to them. But, as our health changes and our needs evolve, we can sometimes change which PowerType we are, so you need to understand all 5. I’ll explain a little more of that later and what you can do to make sure you keep on top of your own health journey. Let’s take a look at what those PowerTypes are —

Meet Andrea, the Creative Dreamer- she is a devoted mom and wife, taking care of her family, home and always volunteering at school.  She craves and lives though for time to paint and create, her basement a testament to her many productions. Her entire house, quite honestly, is her creativity at work, perfect plants, original art by her and hand painted cabinets and frescoed ceilings.

The first PowerType is the Creative Dreamer. That sounds good, right? Well, Creative Dreamers are very special – they’re often in their heads, disconnected. They’re imaginative, creative, expansive and spend a lot of time in a creative space. You might think of yourself as an artist, for instance. 

My patient, Sherry- she’s a Creative Dreamer. She was a producer for a television network and she often stayed up late working on projects. She told me that nighttime was when she felt the most productive. But, when she came to me, she was so stressed. She was taking a veritable cocktail of medications – one for anxiety, one so that she could focus, another to sleep better and then one to deal with digestive issues like reflux. She came into my office because – despite all of this medicine that was being thrown at her – she still didn’t feel well. She had done what we probably all do – googled her symptoms and come up with a million different possible diagnoses. But nothing was clicking, and she wasn’t getting better. 

Understanding what her PowerType was, was the first step to creating a plan that put her back on track. Maybe you feel this way? You’re doing all the right things but you’re still pushing up against what feels like an unmovable wall? That’s what it can be like if you’re following the one-size-fits-all template of conventional medicine. We’re all unique and we all have different needs for our bodies. So, once you know your PowerType you can start following a plan that is tailored specifically for your needs. That’s what I did with Sherry – we determined her PowerType and gradually changed her treatment plan so that it aligned with what she needed. 

In just a few weeks, she started sleeping better- a few more and she her anxiety was now manageable and last but not least- no more reflux and no more medications!

The second Powertype is The Strong Willed. This is an incredibly powerful one, but it can be very hard to manage if you’re not careful. The Strong Willed are determined, strategic and demanding. They set their sights on something and get it done. I find that a lot of the Strong Willed are well known for their intellect and wit, but the demands they place on themselves is often what ultimately affects their health and happiness. I had a patient, Margaret, who tested as Strong Willed — and trust me, she was! I think during my initial exam, I saw her impatiently tapping her fingers! She had the tell-tale quick speech, and at the peak of her career, was running a team of 30 people in a large company. But that stress, translated into a lot of medical issues -especially issues with her digestive system – bloating, irritable bowel – you name it.  As we worked together, and she followed her Powertype plan, she got better, and lost about 10 lbs and felt amazing.

Next is the Passionate Go-Getter – and I have to be honest, I have a special affinity for this PowerType… because I am one. Now you know my secret! This one is a blend of the previous two PowerTypes—equal parts ethereal artist and commander in chief. This combination is fascinating, but also challenging. But it comes with a real gift that I call “translational creativity,” or creativity that manifests in objective or tangible ways, like creating a product or a business, like an inventor. And remember how I said that your Powertype can change over time? A lot of times, I see the Strong Willed, like Margaret, change into a Passionate Go-Getter. That’s actually what happened to her after about 3 months following the Super Woman Rx – she went from Strong Willed to Passionate Go-Getter! As a Passionate Go-Getter… she takes time to dream a little bit- rather than just powering through the day- asking herself questions like what she enjoys, what hobbies would she like, what has she always wanted to try and never taken a chance- because her eyes were always on the goal not the journey.

The fourth Powertype you need to know is called the Caregiver. This is one of the most common Powertypes I see in my practice. As mothers and caretakers, many of us have an element of this nurturing energy in our psyche. We live, breathe and exist for others – it’s who we are. But too much giving- or playing the peacemaker and people pleaser- can set you on a path toward being drained until you no longer feel alive. Finding that balance is key — Diane, for example, was a classic caregiver.    She was married, working in a local store, and has three grown children, and four grandkids.  While she had many of her own responsibilities, she would drop everything in a second if anyone, anyone in the family needed help or support – watching the kids, tending to illnesses- it did not matter, she was there.  Every visit felt like the same conversation – Hi Diane- How is the exercise piece going? Oh, Dr. Taz I was all set, I even had a trainer but then my husband got sick and my daughter needed me and the store needed more help.

And finally – last, but definitely not least, — the fifth Powertype is the Hopeful Optimist. We could all use a little bit of this Powertype in our lives, right? Hopeful Optimists are really motivated by a constant selflessness and sense of service. In some ways, they represent all women and our longing to change and improve our world in some way, big or small. But all that giving takes a toll...Hopeful optimists are mission focused caregivers- they are after a higher purpose, a higher calling almost at any cost and as a result, they often crash and burn.  Carol, a delightful woman in her mid 50’s, traveled the world – in a different country every month. She was involved in charity work and providing education to refugee children.  She was not as family and community focused as she was on the larger scale – and her body told that story. Frequently sick and tired, she kept trying to travel, until she got pneumonia.  

What I really want to stress is that what makes the Super Woman Rx so different is that it completely turns conventional medicine on its head. It’s not conventional at all – it’s what I call Personalized Medicine. And Personalized Medicine is really the future of health care. 

Right now, there is an explosion of health and wellness information. We are in an era of information OVERLOAD – and we read everything and do everything – but still so many of us don’t feel well.  Let me tell you why – you have to know what your body needs – the food, the nutrient support, the exercise plan and mind-body strategies for you. What your sister, best friend or daughter is doing is not necessarily the best plan for you – you have to know the individuality and uniqueness of YOU.

Personalized medicine is really at the roots of how I developed the PowerTypes. It wasn’t just something I woke up one day with – it comes from the years of clinical experience I’ve had in all of the different kinds of medicine that I’ve practiced. That’s what makes it so unique. While conventional medicine thrives at treating a specific problem, it often fails at personalizing medicine to YOU.  How many of you have experienced this personally? Well, let me tell you – I have, too! Twenty years ago, I had my own health crisis, and I could not get answers for me and my particular, unique problems – and I AM a physician! So, I also started to search – Dr. Google was not that well known back then, so I did my share of doctor hopping and hoping for answers. 

After a year of unsuccessful doctor visits, I was put on a medication that dropped my blood pressure and caused me to crash my car while driving- that was my aha point and I realized that I have to do something different.  After studying Chinese medicine, nutrition, Ayurveda and the role of hormones in our health, I realized that I had no understanding of my personal needs, my power sources – it tool a year or so but all of my health problems reversed by finding the formula for me.

The Superwoman Rx combines the best knowledge from conventional Western medicine, and integrative approaches, as well as holistic medicine — but it also includes insights from ancient wisdom traditions and older systems of medicine from around the world- incuding Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. Some of the answers we’ve been looking for have been around for ages, but we have to connect the dots. That’s what I’ve done with the Powertypes.  It’s the combination of all these practices that can really make a huge difference – and I’ve done that work for you.

And that personalized medicine is how we bring your magic and your spark back! It’s how we get healthy and vibrant! But to go from point A to point B, we need to know where we stand. (Can we please add no where your mojo is?)So, first, we need to do a personalized assessment. Here are a few of the questions that I look at when I’m trying to get a sense of where a patient is. 

How many of you look forward to waking up in the morning – let’s see – don’t be shy – raise your hands?  How many of you suffer from chronic pain or have had a chronic illness in the last 5 years? How many of you can honestly say you have a strong and supportive community that you participate in or are involved with? How many of you have gained more than 10 lbs in the last 5 yrs? How many of you suffer from hair loss?  Acne? Eczema? Or joint Pain? How about moods you can’t seem to control?

[Audience reaction]

Okay – it’s great to see your responses. Those are just a few of the questions that I use. The answers tell me if you’re in desperate need of help, or maybe just need a quick tune-up. They give me a sense of the severity of the problems that you’re dealing with. And that helps me know how to intervene with the Super Woman Rx plan. The plans are designed to help you get back to where you could be. And yes, you can get it back – don’t believe anyone that tells you otherwise.

Think of the most fun, most energized, most dynamic moment in your life – and hold that moment in your hand right now. Maybe it was when you got married or had a child or had your first promotion – Imagine it as a firefly that you just caught. When you open your hands, you glow like never before. That incredible glow from that one moment can be you for every moment when you follow the Super Woman Rx.

Who told us that the effects of aging are inevitable? That we have to accept feeling second rate?  Who put that in our heads? I’m here to say that each passing decade is not a slow, dreaded march to the end – it can be a dance, an outpouring sense of joy and adventure, pride in all that you have accomplished and hope – Who told you you were done?

I have seen this formula work in the thousands of patients I have seen over my 20 years in clinical practice and I know this will work for you.  I cannot wait for you to learn more about your PowerType and live a supercharged life so that you can be the Super Woman you are meant to be. And when we come back, we’re going to learn how your PowerType can revolutionize your life. Stay with me!

Act 2


Thank you. So, still excited about becoming Super Powered? Great! Becoming Super Powered is all about finding your Powertype, which I created by merging the data and systems of medicine I have studied over the last twenty years.  After tens of thousands of patients, here is what I know – the body has an amazing capacity to heal itself, to reverse the effects of age and to thrive when given what it needs. And now I’m going to show you how you know what your body needs.

But first, let me ask you a question — How many of you think 80 is old?  

I know what you are thinking – at least by 80, you should be allowed to say you are getting old, right?


Let me tell you about Celia. She was an 80-year-old patient, who came to my practice — brought by her daughter.  She was struggling with a lot of fatigue and depression. She told me, “I am just getting tired a lot, it’s probably my blood pressure or blood sugar.” And she looked at me straight in the eyes and said – “I don’t know why I am here – I am just getting old!” And then she pointed at her daughter and said, “She just won’t accept it!”

Well, I don’t accept that line! I don’t believe that anyone is just getting old! Yes, Celia was on cholesterol medication, blood pressure medication, and medication for her diabetes. Her blood pressure on medication averaged around 145/ 95, her cholesterol was 200 and her hgb aic was 7.6.  

But, then, we figured out what PowerType she was. Celia was the Strong Willed- and that her digestive system needed an overhaul – as do many of the Strong Willed.  Armed with the knowledge of what her body needed, we were able to personalize a plan that worked. We made some adjustments to change her diet, placed her on a few well thought out supplements, and worked on improving her sleep cycle.  A few months later – she had reversed the effects of aging – she seemed at least 10 years younger to me! – Her blood pressure normalized to 120/80, her hgb aic had dropped to 5.8 and her cholesterol – total of 180 with low triglycerides.   She was vibrant, she was full of energy… and she was mad!  She said to me – “Dr. Taz – you should see the food they are serving at my retirement community! They need to change what they are doing – it’s just not healthy!” See? 80 isn’t old! It’s young enough to stir up some trouble! So, you can be like Celia – you can reverse the effects of aging, too – and then help others out, just like she is doing.

Now, let me explain to you just how the PowerTypes work their magic. It’s really focused around several key medical concepts that are necessary to understand when recharging your body from the inside out.

Maybe you feel tired or achy or foggy – or you are having issues – trouble losing weight, trouble sleeping. But at the bottom of how you feel is a malfunction of your body’s engineering system – an interruption or defect in the machinery – that often takes place over time – and when you throw in a few life stressors, an illness or two, then you have a recipe for feeling crummy or worse!

So, I want you to understand and master these 4 key categories in functional and integrative medicine.  Remember, I studied and practiced all types of healing traditions over my career as a physician – Western, Eastern, Integrative, Nutritional, Functional and others — to select the most effective and least invasive treatments to help you with Super Woman Syndrome.

Number 1: Inflammation!

Inflammation is the word we use to describe your body reacting against itself – at a physiologic level or what you would see under the microscope are a number of proteins released when the body is in an inflammatory state or when it perceives it is under attack.   The best visual I can give you is your body is on fire – As these proteins rush to the site of injury, fluid accumulates, your joints may swell and as this happens – slowly at first to where you don’t notice and then more aggressively when you start to feel crummy and your blood work and lab numbers go south.

Most diseases today – from cardiovascular diseases to cancer are diseases of inflammation.  Understanding where you are with inflammation and what may be driving your inflammatory pathway – is a fundamental concept for staying healthy and feeling vibrant or Super Powered.

And as we age, fighting inflammation becomes even more crucial. We know that cancer and inflammation can increase with each decade, but by understanding your PowerType, and following the Super Woman Rx, this does not need to be YOUR statistic. You can fight inflammation. You can reverse the signs of aging. The right diet for you, good digestive health and managing stress are keys to preventing inflammation. Anti-inflammatory supplements like high dose omega 3 and curcumin can help inflammation as well.

Number 2: Digestive Health. Ancient medical traditions have always believed good gut health was the foundation of all health. They thought of the digestive system as one where there is low grade fire, that burns out of control and then spreads to the entire body when out of balance. Symptoms like belly pain, constipation, diarrhea, reflux or bloating were taken seriously with every attempt made to solve them.  We see the importance of good gut health in research today- all that we know of the microbiome or bacteria in the gut and how they play such a powerful role in a variety of diseases- that’s just the latest wrinkle on what our ancestors always knew. In fact, research today shows how inflammation actually begins in the gut! 

And one way of assessing your digestive health is to look at your pH- or the acid-base balance in your body.  This is so easy to do- you want an overall alkaline pH- this is where there is less acidity in the body, better digestive health and less inflammation.  There are foods that promote alkalinity – leafy greens, berries, nuts and seed, while other foods make us more acidic – think high sugar foods, alcohol, and processed foods. We will use pH as a tool to help us understand where you may be with both inflammation and your digestive health.  Our goal – a pH greater than 6.8 is ideal.

Number 3: Your hormones. These seem pretty mysterious, but this pathway is so critical to every part of your life. You may be thinking – I don’t get a cycle anymore – I don’t need to worry about my hormones.  This cannot be further from the truth – at any given age as a woman – we are storing and holding on to hormones and hormone metabolites. You may not have high estrogen levels, but you could still be estrogen dominant – meaning you are not breaking down both the environmental estrogens and your own estrogens effectively. Your thyroid may be sluggish, leaving you exhausted – or your insulin level may be high – triggering higher than average blood sugar levels, weight gain and inflammation.

I cannot say this enough- as women – we have to understand where our hormones are- all of them- and we have to understand what is normal for us – for YOU – not just your sister or best friend. Did you know a green smoothie is good for your hormones?  It helps your liver do hormone clean up – or 1 tbsp of ground flax seeds helps with breaking up estrogen- as does 1 tbsp of olive oil every day – little things but they make a big difference.

Number 4: Micronutrients – 

You know, nothing is more frustrating than eating right, only to find out what you were eating did not solve your energy crisis, your weight block, or your illness – how discouraging is that?  Many of us throw in the towel at that point – right? We think – it’s just not worth it. 

Here is the real story – each of us have micronutrient needs that often surpass the best diets – either because your genetics dictate this, or our food quality is declining, or you have malabsorption where you cannot absorb these nutrients – leading to micronutrient deficiencies.  I have seen this over and over – where lacking a particular nutrient crashes an entire hormone cycle, triggers inflammation or just affects your energy – it is the ultimate domino effect. This is where vitamins and supplements support our plan – they often fill in the gaps, since our food, modern day lifestyle, stress and physiology has higher demand.

And as you get older, the core concepts of inflammation, digestive health, nutritional balance, hormones and pH are still very important.  I would add that understanding antioxidant status is even more critical. Antioxidants are nutrients that up your oxygen level in your cells reversing the effects of aging.  They are found naturally in our brightly colored fruits and vegetables like berries, leafy greens, or even in green tea.  Antioxidants support the mitochondria, the very cell that powers our muscles, brains, and organs. So definitely keep an eye out for that.

We’ll be tracking all of these concepts for each PowerType – and identifying how to prevent inflammation, poor digestive health, find an optimal pH, balance hormones and micronutrient status.  This is the formula, the magic of finding your super powers – it really is an amazing journey. As with any health change, I urge you to consult with your primary health care provider.

So, let me tell you about Jenny. She was getting ready for her son’s wedding in 4 months and really felt awful about her weight – she had battled her weight for years and was now getting depressed because she knew all those wedding pictures that last forever would have her looking a way she did not feel proud of – we worked together, found her PowerType As a Caregiver, we adjusted her diet – while she was pounding the pavement and trying to work out as hard as possible, what she really needed was to come off sugars – even fruit sugars, and stop the grazing and snacking – that is it – that is what her Powertype needed – she was able to lose weight. Supporting her liver was key as she was in a high insulin state which triggered insulin resistance and fatty liver.  And as she shifted mentally, understanding her strengths and weaknesses, she changed physically.  She came to me and said, “Dr. Taz, I fit into a dress that I could not wear 10 years ago – I am thrilled – I feel ALIVE.”

I am determined to find that magic in you – see that spark back in your eyes.  Do you remember the last time you felt magical – amazing – on top of the world?  Like you had IT – that thing that is so hard to define but you know it when you have it.  It’s those moments – when you put on a dress and it fits beautifully, or you ran that race on your best time or you watched as a project – any project – your grandkids, your thesis, your mate, just bloom in front of your eyes – aren’t those magical moments? And they make you feel ALIVE.

When was the last time you felt alive, like Jenny? – Think about it – maybe jot it down. Do you dread the day?  Hate getting dressed? Turn down social events? It’s time to turn that around – by finding your PowerType – and getting started on YOUR plan.

You are going to learn a lot about yourself.  And don’t forget – your PowerType today may not be the same as your PowerType in a few months or years – for as life changes – you change and your needs change. So, to recap, here are the 5 Powertypes:

  1. The Creative Dreamer – this is the artist, musician, writer – who lives almost in a different space- that place where creativity is born. 
  2. The Strong Willed – a driven, commanding presence who get things done and is very goal-driven.
  3. The Passionate Go Getter – the innovator and tireless worker.
  4. The Caregiver – a woman who is always ready to listen, always there with a shoulder to cry on. And…
  5. The Hopeful Optimist – an inspiring and remarkable woman who is determined to serve communities and others.

Each PowerType has emotional characteristics and personality traits that corresponds to their physiologic needs, hormone patterns, nutritional demands, food patterns and more – fascinating, right? You’re probably wondering right now… Which type are you?

Before we even get into the medical aspect, you may be able to identify your type with a few simple questions–

  1.  Are you always taking care of everyone around you?  Does everyone come to you with their problems? You guys are more than likely Caregivers.
  2.  Do you suffer from anxiety and have trouble focusing?  You might be The Creative Dreamer.
  3. Do you tackle and plan for goals with gusto and charge through it – getting really impatient with others who can’t get on board?  You’re The Strong Willed
  4. What about those of you who feel called to change a community or a law or a group of people – no matter what personal costs- you guys are my Hopeful Optimists- 
  5. Lastly- who here has innovated or dreamed of a service, product or technology that needs to happen and then put their minds to making it happen – Passionate Go Getters, raise your hands!

Now, let’s take a look at how the medical pathways interact with each one. First up is the Creative Dreamer.

So, when a Creative Dreamer is in balance, they display strong bursts of creative energy. She is fearless, passionate and productive. She excels at translating creativity into works of art, music or literature. 

What this PowerType must watch out for, though, is anxiety. From overthinking to irritability and even heart palpitations. The Creative Dreamer has a bit of a mind-body disconnect that comes from living in a creative space. The risk is becoming ungrounded to the extent that the mind takes off and can’t get back! Another danger — lack of structure. They also can fall into patterns characterized by a lack of sleep. If a Creative Dreamer gets caught up in her creativity, she can forget basic care, such as eating, exercising… I’m seeing some people in the audience nodding their heads. Creative Dreamers push themselves too hard and they can experience some pretty scary medical conditions. They may be susceptible to ADHD, insomnia, or eating disorders, or fatigue. When it comes to more physical manifestations, I see hair loss and osteoporosis in a lot of Creative Dreamers.

One of my patients, Sherry, came to me and wasn’t sleeping or eating and she was chronically anxious. She even had heart palpitations and was having difficulty focusing. As a Creative Dreamer, she needed to implement a regular structured sleep and eating pattern to counteract some of those weaknesses in her PowerType.

The Strong Willed is a truly challenging PowerType for me to work with as a doctor! They are often so impatient when they come into my office. She’s set her sights on something and she’s ready to get it done… now! They speak linearly, ask pointed questions and are known for their intelligence. But they are demanding on themselves, too, and take on a lot of responsibility. And that can have some really strong impacts on their health. If the Strong Willed isn’t careful, she can become irritable, angry, restless. All of this stress is held in Their digestive system-  making it susceptible to becoming imbalanced, so they have to pay really close attention their digestive health. Constipation, reflux, irritable bowel syndrome – I see that a lot in my practice with the Strong Willed. They are also prone to overdoing it – it’s in their competitive nature. Some other warning signs that you might be Strong Willed – insomnia, joint pain… acne. Yes, acne! It’s a sign that there’s something out of balance in the gut-inflammation cycle. When the gut is damaged or digestion is affected, it literally switches on an inflammatory cascade, putting your body on the defensive. I also see imbalances in the hormones Thyroid and Melatonin with the Strong Willed. So, you want to be on top of your hormones with this Powertype! 

Sarah matched to the Strong Willed Type, she was a mom but was also a competitive weekend warrior – marathons, bike races – you name she did it.  Here is the problem – she was trying to keep her athletics but was having joint pain that she could not manage- her doctors she told me were debating if she now had rheumatoid or osteoarthritis – , she was  finding she had to skip more days of exercise and training than she wanted – and this is what she looked forward to! Like many of my Strong Willed, she had chronic inflammation, and by understanding her Powertype , she was able to change her diet, drop 2 days per week of her aggressive training, and add in supplements to support her and help her with exercise recovery.  Her choices went from take this strong medication to manage inflammation to complete resolution of her joint pain in 3 mos – and no signs of RA or OA.

Passionate Go-Getters – oh, these women are near and dear to my heart, because I am definitely a Passionate Go-Getter! This PowerType is really a blending of the two previous types – but that can make it twice as hard to manage! Passionate Go-Getters tend to fluctuate between their two selves, with one being stronger than the other at different times. But that fluctuation can show up with some real problems. Passionate Go-Getters have the gift of the Creative Dreamer – Anxiety! And that can show up in physical signs such as chest pain, palpitations, insomnia and difficulty focusing. They also get the digestive complications that might be seen with The Strong Willed. So, twice the power, twice the problems! This PowerType bottles up its stress – and that shows up in things like TMJ and increased muscle tension, insomnia, and sometimes autoimmune diseases like psoriasis. I’ve also seen a lot of my Passionate Go-Getter patients with migraine. 

Rachel is a Passionate Go Getter like me – as an interior designer, she was busy pleasing clients, coming up with creative designs for their homes or offices, and making sure her team was running well.  She was distraught because in the last few months, her hair had started to fall- first from the crown and then started to get thinner and thinner – each strand breaking really easily. I could see on her scalp where there was an area of hair loss- and  I also knew how she felt- this happened to me. Her self-esteem and her energy was getting affected and the doctors she visited did not have a lot of answers. I immediately recognized her issues- she may have a thyroid issue like many Passionate Go Getters.  As we set out to confirm this, she started the Powertype Plan for the Passionate Go Getter. Before her labs came back a few weeks later, she already started to feel better- just the diet changes of going gluten and dairy free, and the supplements had improved her energy.  She had Hashimotos Thyroiditis, an inflammatory thyroid condition, and also needed thyroid hormone. Knowing your Powertype takes the guess work out of many of your medical issues – moving forward- she knew what to look for if her symptoms changed.

The Caregiver – this is definitely a bit of a different PowerType. Compassionate, nurturing, caring – she thrives while doing for others. But, that can lead to over-commitment, people-pleasing and that can cascade into weight gain, isolation and worry. When she’s out of balance, she can be easily taken advantage of and often forget about taking care of herself and have difficulties in setting boundaries! One of the issues that I see Caregivers struggling with is weight gain and obesity. That can sometimes be weight that they can’t seem to lose or weight they’ve gained over years. It can be that they’ve had that weight since they were young. I find that this is often in connection to a dysfunctional insulin regulation and that is connected to the microbiome. Once again, you have to keep on top of digestive health. In fact, most of the other pitfalls for a Caregiver are tied to this one problem. An out of balance Caregiver will often times manifest with depression – they’ll retreat, isolate themselves or disappear and that is contrary to where they get their strength. I often see Caregivers struggling to stay motivated on an exercise plan, too. And, when I look at their medical charts, I also see a lot of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes and joint pain. This all stems from this imbalance in the gut, bundled with chronic inflammation throughout the body. That can even cascade into a condition called fatty liver, which I also see in Caregivers who are not balanced.  

Rosa was the consummate Caregiver- loving, giving – all of it- but what she hid from all the people she cared for was that she was depressed.  She felt unworthy, unsure of herself and ate throughout the day because she would forget to sit and eat a meal. She had gained weight- almost 50 lbs in the last 2 years and was just always tired.  She was on an anti depressant, but she still lacked motivation, and could not get on a regular diet and exercise plan. When Rosa found her Powertype, she was in tears. Her depression? Rooted in the fact that she did not know how to care for herself or do things for herself. I had to help her learn how prepare her meals, encouraged her to create her own community of friends and peers and begin counseling.  Shifting her diet and structuring her eating resulted in an instant soar of energy- and as she continued to work on her Powertype plan, her psychiatrist was able to lower the dose of her antidepressant medication.  

Hopeful Optimists are a complex mix of all of the types. They tend to be pretty selfless, but also tend to overcommit and deplete themselves. I’m alerted to a Hopeful Optimist when I see a patient that is experiencing immune deficiency, depression, isolation and anxiety. I see them with frequent coughs, colds and respiratory infections. They sometimes present with a lot of allergies and asthma, for instance. But, they also have similarities with other PowerTypes – they have trouble falling and staying asleep. They have digestive issues like reflux. They can suffer from fatigue and anxiety and depression. Where the Creative Dreamer will be anxious and the Caregiver might be depressed, the Hopeful Optimist when out of balance can experience either or both! It’s so important for her to focus on connecting to her physical needs, setting boundaries and maintaining strong emotional connections with her close family and friends. 

Laila was a Hopeful Optimist – she was a ready volunteer in her local church and felt strongly that is was her responsibility, her duty to devote her time and energy there.  In the last year, she was noticing her asthma was becoming more troublesome, and she had to make a few emergency room visits because of trouble breathing. The reality, Laila was just depleted, she was lacking the key nutrients to support her immune system, she was not sleeping and was just eating, like many women, on the run.  Putting together the pieces of her Powertype plan, she started to notice a return of energy and then improvement in her asthma. She was not needing her inhaler or breathing treatments and could get back to exercise. She looked and felt so much better and finally learned to balance her hopeful optimism with her personal needs.

Now that you know the 5 Powertypes- and you may have a clue as to which type is you – it’s time to start your journey back to your best self.  I have the plan to keep each of you super charged with just a few simple steps – all custom designed to your PowerType. Are you ready to learn more? Stay tuned and when we come back- I’ll share with you the PowerType plan that will change your life.

Act 3


Thank you!

So far, I’ve shown you the 5 PowerTypes – a revolutionary way to understand every woman’s unique challenges and issues. I’ve also explained some of the factors, the 4 health pathways, that contribute to understanding how these PowerTypes work. Now, I’m going to reveal to you just how these PowerTypes will build a customized plan to successfully move forward and see long-term results. 

It doesn’t matter what PowerType you are — every plan has the same core approaches. And I’m going to show you just how easy these steps are to follow. 

Step #1 – Morning Rituals. I mean, we all get up in the morning and have a ritual as we get ready to face every day, right? What you may not know, though, is that morning ritual can make a huge difference in how the rest of your day goes. As you’ll soon find out, every PowerType gets a kick from a different morning ritual that helps reset, renew and refresh you. Sometimes, it’s a different morning beverage, sometimes it’s a little exercise – but the beauty of the morning ritual is that it’s simple to do and it makes an enormous difference in your life.

Step #2 – Food & Nutrition. I’m not just talking about sandwiches—we have to get the right kinds of nutrients in the right amounts into your body to revitalize you and to get your PowerType functioning efficiently. You’ve probably heard the saying, “Food is medicine,” right? Well, it’s true! But Food is not instantaneous medicine – it’s not a pill. I want you to start to think of food as a prescription that I would write for you, but instead of taking it for 3 or 4 days or 7 to 10 days like an antibiotic, it will be something that you will need to take for a few weeks to start to see some results. That’s actually the reason why I’ve set up the Super Woman Rx as a 3-week program. You need to keep at it for about that long to start to realize the benefits of bringing your body in line with its PowerType. Of course, once you see those changes – once you start to lose the weight, once your skin clears up and some of your health concerns, like diabetes or hypertension, begin to resolve, you’ll probably want to keep doing it. And it’s a plan that you can keep doing! But, you should always check with your health care provider before undergoing any medical program. 

Nutrition also means addressing that key pathway, micronutrients. I often advise people to take some targeted supplements in order to make sure that they are covered throughout their own particular micronutrient profile. Despite our best efforts, each PowerType can have micronutrient deficiencies that may need additional supplementation above diet – some of these recommendations are rooted in the hormone and medical conditions that each PowerType often faces. 

Ok, great – #3 – Exercise! For every PowerType, exercise is essential – but I’m not talking about running a marathon… though, it’s true that some PowerTypes can handle that sort of exertion better than others. In fact, most of what I’m recommending involves simple movement. It’s usually very easy to implement into your life and doesn’t require a lot of time. Good movement keeps our mood up, weight down and energy pumping. And you’ll start to see benefits from that really quickly.

You might be rolling your eyes right now – “Wait – did she just tell me to eat right and exercise?” I know you’ve heard that mantra before, probably a million times. But with the Super Woman Rx, I actually give you very specific instructions. It’s not just eating – it’s eating the right things at the right time. And it’s not just exercise – it’s tailoring the right exercise to maximize the potential of your PowerType. It’s personalized and targeted medicine. When you know your PowerType, you’ll know HOW to eat right. You’ll know what to do when you exercise.

And the final step is something I like to call “De-Stressing.” You could imagine it as meditation or massage, but really it’s taking time to relieve stress. I talk a lot about sleep in this category, because sleep is so critical – getting the right amount for your PowerType can be the difference between feeling great and feeling like something’s just not right. It’s so important for a Super Woman to have the chance to recharge – so, don’t forget step #4. 

And what does this all feel like when you do it? Well, it will make you feel amazing, for one thing, but I’ve structured the plan so that things progress forward from week one to week two to week three. So, it’s a little more gradual at first, but once you get through the first week, you’ll start to feel those changes and you’ll want to keep going. Let’s take a look. 

Our Creative Dreamers – where are they- [audience raises hands] we talked about disconnection, not being aware of your body – Do you guys agree with this? – I see this in my Creative Dreamers all the time.  I worked with Laura, a Creative Dreamer just like you – she was a homemaker who loved gardening. She did not think of herself as a Creative Dreamer and was shocked to learn about her PowerType. She was also battling anxiety and brain fog – so our first step was to warm her up – starting with a warming tonic in her morning ritual. In this case, the morning ritual also focuses on #3 – Exercise – ,with some added grounding exercises to reconnect the Creative Dreamer back to her body- these are gentle, easy exercises like Tai Chi, Qi gong or Yoga. These don’t require equipment or a gym. And just a simple shift in Laura’s morning routine made a huge difference.  Within a few weeks, Laura noticed she was more focused, could work more efficiently and no longer had anxiety.

When it comes to food and nutrition, a Creative Dreamer really needs to power up with protein and minimize refined carbohydrates. Being fueled properly will help you weather the ups and downs of any given day and stay sharp and focused. And to de-stress, I recommend creating a solid sleep routine. Creative Dreamers are known for their ability to shift into all-nighters when they get caught up in a project. Switching her sleep cycle to something far more regimented makes an enormous difference in finding consistent and strong energy. That’s playing to your PowerType – you know what your weaknesses are and what you’re likely to do to fall into them—and then you anticipate that. You make a plan that you stick to – For Laura, that meant getting to bed by 11 and waking up no earlier than 6. 

If you stick with this, you’ll find new wellsprings of energy for your creative endeavors. The longer you stay on the Super Woman Rx plan, the more you can start to add in new layers. For instance, after 2 weeks, I ask Creative Dreamers to add another 30 to 45 minutes of movement into their daily schedule, something easy like walking or biking. And here’s what I’m talking about in regard to the right exercise — I actually don’t recommend running for this PowerType – it can suppress the immune system and tax the adrenals and become a stressor on the body. That can cause a lot more harm than good for a Creative Dreamer! In the third week, I also ask Creative Dreamers to add some other stress-reducing techniques, like journaling or self-massage. Right now, you might notice that nothing I’ve told you about this plan requires you to invest in a piece of gym equipment or buy some other kind of technology to make it work. That’s intentional. I want everyone to be able to participate in the Super Woman Rx. It’s really easy and completely available to anyone who wants to make changes in their life. It’s simple – and as Laura would tell you, it’s effective. Within 3 months  Laura lost 20 lbs, and noticed she was so much better able to focus.

What about the Strong Willed? Well, if you’re Strong Willed, typically, you wake up stressed! So, again, that morning ritual is so important. She gets a different tonic to stimulate her gut and reset her pH in the morning. For food and nutrition, I do a couple of things for this high-pressure PowerType—I get her to detox with dairy and yeast-free smoothies to take it easy on her digestive system. Remember, that most of the issues of the Strong Willed shows up in her digestive health? So, I also recommend removing red meat, but keeping a high protein diet, adding a lot of fiber through fruits and vegetables. This helps improve the microbiome in the gut that helps to stave off issues that are prevalent with this PowerType. 

Cheryl is one of my Strong Willed patients. She had a super regimented day – so, switching into a solid plan like the Super Woman Rx was really playing to her strengths. But, she had symptoms of bloating, abdominal pain and reflux. So, in addition to the food, I also got her on a regimen of probiotics and digestive enzymes. This improved her digestive health greatly—and improving her digestive health, improved her mental health, because the microbiome is also linked directly to the brain. We call it the gut-brain connection and it’s a real thing that researchers are studying a lot right now. They think it may lead to breakthroughs in how to treat depression, among other things. Right now, though, we can make sure through following the Super Woman Rx, that your microbiome is functioning as efficiently as possible and aligned properly with your Powertype. That’s the main focus of the plan for someone like Cheryl, but as she gets into week 2 and week 3, I also add in a little bit of an exercise plan. The Strong Willed woman is going to want to go all-out in this – and so I try to get her to pump the brakes a little bit. Too many strenuous exercise sessions can really worsen the whole stress/cortisol cycle. In her case, vigorous exercise can become a stressor, rather than a stress reliever! So, I try to mix it up – only 1 or 2 competitive workouts, but the rest are adrenaline-calming like yoga, pilates or swimming. Think of the Strong Willed Powertype as being on fire – so many of my strategies for her is to try and cool things down! And that’s exactly what we did for Cheryl – Cheryl started using my gut tonics, drinks to help digestion, and started swimming a few days per week.  She found her energy soar, her belly issues gone and her weight come off so easily. She had her MOJO back!

Passionate Go-Getters need a slightly different approach – even though they are like the Strong Willed and the Creative Dreamers, they are definitely their own person. Her morning ritual- grounding herself through a wake-up tonic and some exercises, like yoga, but—here’s the twist—waking up in an electronics-free zone! I know, you’re probably thinking you can’t live without checking that one email. Well, I’ve got news for you – YOU CAN. And you will!! And not only that, if you follow this plan, you’ll have a more solid foundation from which to create and so much more energy to handle whatever life is throwing at you. Step #2 for a Passionate Go-Getter involves a similarly high-protein approach, but also focuses on healthy fats at lunch, things like olive oil, ghee, grass-fed butter. These are hormone builders because they provide the nutritional building blocks for all of your important hormones. And then, for dinner, I recommend the Passionate Go-Getter eats for thyroid health – iron rich foods at dinner, like beef or lamb, brazil nuts, sea vegetables, leafy greens… all of these are great for your thyroid. Exercise for this PowerType really focuses on grounding and connecting, and Destressing is all about getting out of the way of gadgets, really. Power down this PowerType is what I tell my patients. Get off electronics, TV, the Internet, all of that stuff, for 3 hours a day. It’ll all still be there when you get back to it. And instead, give yourself the time to meditate. Even just 10 minutes a day can make a huge difference. For Passionate Go-Getters, I  recommend journaling, also. Putting pen to paper is powerful and can rewire the mind. Just writing can get stuff out of your head and declutter it. I did all of this for Paula — 

Paula went through 3 weeks of the program and had a really hard time not reaching for that phone in the morning- I get this – remember that this is my Powertype.  But when she finally got the hang of it- she was thrilled- she had been struggling with why she felt tired all the time- she had put so much energy into teaching but her fatigue was making her think about quitting- within a few short weeks, her energy soared, and she felt as if her head cleared- I could work another 20 yrs Dr. Taz, I feel so much better.

Caregivers have a big challenge in that they have to take care of themselves – and sometimes learning to do that for the first time in their lives! So, I like to tell them to be extra kind to themselves as they go through the Super Woman Rx. But I know, at the end of the plan, they will feel on fire and ready to embrace the world. They will be back and ready to nurture friends, communities, families – but this time with better boundaries. So much of what I focus on at first in this PowerType’s plan, is to control the insulin rollercoaster- the hormone that regulates blood sugar. That means that I recommend eating every 3 hours. This helps to even out blood sugar and get the Caregiver back on track. It’s a slightly different morning routine, but I find that Caregivers are often the “I skip breakfast” kind of woman – too busy worrying about someone else to make time for themselves! Well, that stops right now with this morning routine. But eating regularly doesn’t mean heavy meals – quite the opposite. For Food & Nutrition, Caregivers need to watch out for carbohydrate loads and portion sizes. So, I scale back her portions – but remember, you’re eating on a more regular basis now, so there’s no need to feel hungry. And also establish the correct ratio of protein to carbohydrates in every meal – protein and vegetables are the dominant foods at every meal for a Caregiver. I also recommend eliminating sugar- in all its forms—again, this is specific for this insulin sensitive PowerType. Exercise is important for a Caregiver, but more mini-bouts of activity, about 10 minutes every so often throughout the day to get up to about 35-60 minutes total. But one of the biggest steps for a Caregiver is to Destress—and the strategy focus is a little different from other PowerTypes– it’s about setting boundaries.

For the Caregiver to get back to power, she needs to take care of herself. And that’s so unusual for a Caregiver that I make it a point of focus in my plan. One of the ways to do that, is to go on an emotional nurturing field trip. Pretend that you’re someone to take care of, like your grandkids—what would she need? What do you need? Once you figure out what revitalizes you, get out and do it. A walk in nature, taking up dancing or gardening are some solutions that I’ve seen some of my own patients do with great success.  Let me tell you about Dominique. She was a classic Caregiver– she suffered from metabolic syndrome – fifty-pound weight gain over the last 10 years, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. She hated to exercise and guess what she had been told all these years – “you need to watch your diet and exercise.” This is a classic recommendation that gets us nowhere – eat less and exercise more- we get it! But that’s actually not super helpful, and in this case wasn’t even the most important approach! As we dug into her life, we learned that she took care of 3 grandchildren every day, she cooked meals for her next-door neighbor and she was in charge of her disabled husband.  She had scheduled a few sessions with a trainer, but would cancel them, the minute her children or husband needed her. As a classic Caregiver – her needs came last. We changed a lot of things with Dominique – we shifted her patterns of eating, removed dairy and all sugar from her diet, and forced her to commit to her own self-care. And guess what? – It’s been a year since then- she has lost 10-15 lbs., and is off her cholesterol and blood pressure medications. Those kinds of transformations are what I see every day in my clinical practice. It may seem amazing – but it’s actually totally normal. And it’s what I want to see with everyone one of you!

I find the Hopeful Optimist to be a PowerType that requires a little extra vigilance. So much about this PowerType is linked up with her immune system- and that’s so important to getting back on track! So, the morning ritual addresses this immediately – as a Hopeful Optimist, you start your day with an immune booster. Like the Caregiver, the Hopeful Optimist can sometimes have erratic insulin levels, so for food and nutrition I want to get her stabilized, but I also want to fight adrenal fatigue. So Hopeful Optimists will be eating more protein,  eliminating sugar from and loading up on antioxidants from fruits and vegetables to support the immune system. I’m so concerned about getting on top of the immune system, that I supplement her with immune-building compounds, things like b-complex vitamins and probiotics. This PowerType takes on a lot of the characteristics of other PowerTypes, so the plan will sound familiar—exercise that lowers stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, usually something like walking or yoga. I find that getting out into nature to do this really helps this PowerType. And, like the Caregiver again, setting boundaries is so important for this PowerType. When it comes to Destressing, one strategy that I find to be great is to delegate. The Hopeful Optimist is usually moving forward with a ton of projects, but getting help and finding ways to involve other people in your community and family with your life to help get things done is a huge stress reliever. You don’t have to be a martyr! I also recommend prioritizing sleep for a Hopeful Optimist. That’s where the immune system gets repaired, so it’s so important to keep it regular and long enough to get the healing started. I usually recommend 7 to 9 hours. And that worked miracles for Louise, who had been suffering from chronic sinus infections and was getting sick every other week with some cold or virus.  Helping her through the Powertype plan, she has gone from a year of hospitalizations and multiple rounds of antibiotics to a new year where she has not gotten sick once – How is that for Power!

And that’s how easy it is – Find Your Powertype. Follow the Plan. Reap the rewards. Get your life back, get your energy back, find your self again. The Super Woman Rx doesn’t take anything fancy or expensive. You can start this plan at any point in your life and find the restorative healing powers that are within you. 

Now, something I like to do with my patients every so often, is to check in on their progress – so, I’m going to do that with you right now. How are you feeling?  Encouraged? Ready to Move forward? Great! I cannot wait for all of you to become your Super Powered selves- 

One thing that I’ve found to be so interesting is that many of my superwomen find that after a few months on a particular plan, they actually shift types – a caregiver for example, may become a Strong Willed type after losing weight or reclaiming her identity.  The Hopeful Optimist may heal and now be a Passionate Go Getter. So, check in with yourself – just like I just did. Change is why we’re doing this. So, expect it and expect to be amazed at what you are capable of. 

And I want to leave you with one final story of amazing change. Let me introduce you to Diana.

I met her at my clinical practice — I walked into the room and she told me, “I don’t feel well, Dr. Taz, and I cannot put my finger on it. I have been to a number of doctors and we cannot figure it out – maybe I am just depressed.”  

One glance at Diana, I knew it was not depression, at least, that was not the root.  Her skin was irritated and inflamed, she seemed pale – and just tired. Her laundry list of symptoms was long – bloating, constipation, weight gain, fatigue, trouble sleeping, hot flashes night sweats… “Does this sound familiar to you?” or “I’m seeing some nodding in the audience – these are symptoms maybe we’ve all had!” She realized she had a problem – and she had lost her MOJO- but just knowing those symptoms didn’t give her a real course of action to take. She needed Personalized Medicine!

Since those symptoms didn’t give me a roadmap – I asked her some questions, like I did earlier with you, to assess what her PowerType was. I was shocked – after going through all the questions, I realized she was the Strong Willed PowerType- . And for me, this was fascinating because externally, she did not look like the Strong Willed – she was not doing the watch tapping or punctuated speech that I often see in my Strong Willed patients – she was actually a housewife – and had been for over 22 years- But she was miserable.

She had put all her energy, all her time into raising her children – the best schools, the multiple activities – all of it— I would’ve guessed that she was a Caregiver- but you should have seen the grit and determination with which she tackled her goals for each child – but she did all of that in the background of a marriage in which she felt suffocated and suppressed – I learned all this as I asked her my questions.

She was the Strong Willed type but not in a position to express those gifts – she was living a life without passion because she did not know who she really was.

The PowerType test was eye opening for her – How could this be?  And when we matched her to the medical conditions and symptoms- it was spooky – she had all the traits of The Strong Willed.  

Now 22 years is a long time, but she started her PowerType plan – first with diet changes – then with a few supplements – and then what is sometimes the hardest part – crafting a self-care plan for her – not her children or her family.  She learned that she was lacking the stimulation of organizing, directing and leading with a tangible reward at the end and it was leaving her empty.

It took a few weeks but as she became consistent with her plan, her laundry list of symptoms began to shrink, her energy reappeared – that red, inflamed skin that I noticed right away – gone!

But here is where I knew we had turned a corner.

“Dr. Taz,” she told me – “I am going to start my own nutrition counseling business. I took the necessary certifications and have started building a team.”  What about your family, I asked – she looked at me tentatively – “we are trying to work it all out – but I know this is what I need.”

What happened here? She found her superpowers! The Super Woman Rx unleashed Diana to fully live her real and true life.  She eventually left what was really a bad marriage, and she now works and manages her children and safeguards her health using the principles of the PowerType plan.  Her life truly changed, and she is writing that next chapter and setting an example for her children and other women around her. She is an inspiration!

That’s incredible, isn’t it? It really shows that at the heart of this prescription is the idea that we really are all Super Women.

As you begin this journey to your highest self, and regain your super powers, you will embark on adventures you may not have dared to do before- maybe you will go to law school or run for office or volunteer for a cause that you care deeply about.  There are a whole set of chapters just waiting for you to write into the story of your life- don’t let your health be the block. With Super Woman Rx you can be the author of that incredible tale. Let your light shine through and join the light of thousands of other women to change our world.  Find your PowerType, follow the plan, and live your best life now!

Thank you so much for joining me!

About Dr. Taz

Dr. Taz Bhatia, M.D. is a board-certified integrative medicine physician and wellness expert, who gained national recognition as a best-selling author of the books, “What Doctors Eat,” “The 21 Day Belly Fix,” and “Super Woman RX.”

Her integration of Eastern medical wisdom with modern science, along with her unique Power Type discovery, has led to featured segments on The Today Show, Dr. Oz, Live with Kelly & Ryan and eventually the premiere of own PBS special Super Woman RX with Dr. Taz.

Ready to Discover Your Power Type?

Discover the Secrets to Lasting Health, Your Perfect Weight, Energy, and Passion with Dr. Taz’s Power Type Quiz!

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Ready to Discover Your Power Type?

Discover the Secrets to Lasting Health, Your Perfect Weight, Energy, and Passion with Dr. Taz’s Power Type Quiz!

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Why Does The Most Preventable Disease Kill 1 in 5 Women?

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