Dr. Taz MD’s Weekly Q&A, September 16, 2013

Q: I am a 51-year-old woman.  High energy, creative, and impulsive. Then menopause symptoms hit and they hit me hard.  My symptoms include: severe hot flashes, difficulty sleeping, decline of cognitive function and I am struggling to keep on top of things and procrastinating. I am also easily overwhelmed and irritated.  

My counselor and another physician experienced with ADHD told me that I have ADHD. Although I have not been formally tested. Both told me that sometimes-wonky hormone levels exasperate any ADHD symptoms.  

I am taking bio identical hormones. My hormone levels are good and I am tested often.  This has helped tremendously with the hot flashes/sleep issues but not the ADHD issues.  I am really curious about this and would like to hear your thoughts and experience with menopause and ADHD.

A: Hello,

Menopause and ADHD are connected.  In menopause, we know that the hormone, pregnenalone, a progesterone derivative, decreases.  Pregnenalone deficiency can cause brain fog and memory loss.  Supplementing pregnenalone may help improve your symptoms.  Nutritional deficiencies also worsen in menopause, so getting plenty of B vitamins and protein may help your focus.