Dr. Taz MD’s Guide to Living Healthy, Naturally Newsletter Issue Two

201Each edition of “Dr. Taz MD “Guide to Living Healthy, Naturally” will provide readers with a comprehensive report on a variety of current, topical and important health issues, diet and nutritional suggestions and relevant feature stories focusing on major health issues of the day.

The goal of the Dr. Taz MD’s Living Healthy, Naturally guide is to help ensure that our readers and the general public are well-informed and knowledgeable, in a timely manner on current and topical health issues.

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Living Healthy Tip
Mental Health Connected to Whole Body Health

A piece of the puzzle many patients I see in my office forget is that your brain lives in your body. So if your body is not healthy, that can affect your brain and it often results in depressive symptoms. Preventing depression and anxiety (both caused by neurotransmitter imbalances) is dependent on giving your body every nutrient it needs to make neurotransmitters. B-vitamins, exercise, and sleep are all integral parts of your body’s neurotransmitter synthesis. Reducing stress is also vital. Stress burns through your stores of neurotransmitters and hormones; leaving you foggy-headed and frustrated. Mental illness can affect anyone. Taking care of yourself and knowing that there is nothing wrong with getting help will build the foundation of good mental health.  Be sure to read my recent blog about mental illness and brain health.
INTHENEWSpesticides discovered in wine
What is Your Toxic Load?

According to the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 75% of cancer is caused by diet and environmental factors. Are you overwhelmed with all the information about chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, that may be affecting your health? Parabens, phthalates, mercury, lead and organophosphates increase your toxic load. Is it really important for us to know the difference? Research continues to suggest that the toxins and chemicals that we are exposed to do impact our health. Some chemicals are endocrine disruptors; others impact neurotransmitters, while certain chemicals can affect our immune systems and digestive function. Find out what your toxic load is here.

Beauty Buzz
In an attempt to observe the effects of Botox on glabella lines (between the eyebrows), a randomized double blind experiment was conducted in 2012. After 30 days, the majority of the patients rated themselves as improved on the Global Assessment of Change scale. After 60 days, the majority of participants rated themselves as hardly improved on the Maximum Attempted Muscle Contraction scale. Although there were no serious adverse effects of the Botox, it was observed in participants that even though their glabella frown lines seemed to have decreased, their muscle contractions were not showing positive signs of improvement. What is your definition of beauty? Read mine in my blog about integrative-holistic beauty.
As a mom of two, and knowing the importance of nutrition to their development, health and learning, I am visiting my children’s school next week for National School Lunch Week. I encourage you to do the same. Do you know what’s new in your child’s school cafeteria? Now is the perfect time to find out. National School Lunch Week is October 14-18, 2013. Talk to the cafeteria manager at your child’s school to see what’s for lunch!  [/one_half]

[one_half_last]World Mental Health Day and Running with Nature Mariel Hemingway and Bobby Williams

World Mental Health Day was October 10th, 2013. Mariel Hemingway along with her partner, Bobby Williams, recently spoke with Oprah about their new book, Running With Nature. “Because her family has an extensive history of mental illness, addiction, and suicide… Hemingway has made it her life’s mission to promote spiritual health,” reported The Huffington PostRunning With Nature is “about reconnecting to nature one broad-minded step at a time to discover a more fulfilling life of simplicity, adventure, stillness, and laughter,” according to Hemingway’s website. In their conversation with Oprah, Williams added “Dr. Air, Dr. Sun, Dr. Water, Dr. Nutrition, Dr. Exercise, and Dr. Rest. They’re available 24/7.” 
Ask Dr. Taz MD:

I am 36 and never had children, how do I reduce my risk of getting breast cancer?

Maintaining hormonal balance and hormone detoxification are important in preventing breast cancer. Pregnancy and breast feeding are opportunities to keep estrogen levels lower in women. Monitoring your own estrogen levels while also getting preventative studies likes thermograms and mammograms can help keep you informed of your active risks. Following an estrogen detoxification diet and supplement, like DIM, ensure proper estrogen breakdown.