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201Each edition of “Dr. Taz MD “Guide to Living Healthy, Naturally” will provide readers with a comprehensive report on a variety of current, topical and important health issues, diet and nutritional suggestions and relevant feature stories focusing on major health issues of the day.

The goal of the Dr. Taz MD’s Living Healthy, Naturally guide is to help ensure that our readers and the general public are well-informed and knowledgeable, in a timely manner on current and topical health issues.

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Living Healthy Tip
Your body can heal the damage of smoking

On the third Thursday of every November since 1976, smokers have been using this day to quit or make a plan to quit. Since the first smoke-out, we have come a long way in educating about the risks of smoking and protecting nonsmokers from secondhand-smoke. Since 1965, smoking in adults in America has gone from 46% of the population to 20%. We all know smoking causes cancer. In fact, it causes 1 out of every 3 cancer cases. Smoking also causes cardiovascular disease, respiratory diseases and infertility. There are plenty of ads and commercials telling us the risks of smoking, and if you are a smoker you may be thinking that it is too late for you. Your body can heal from damage of smoking. Quitting is difficult but it does have many rewards. Besides the obvious benefits of reducing risk for cancers and diseases of the heart and lungs, quitting gives you more energy, better skin, better sense of smell and taste, and it benefits your immune system. Smoking can also cause depression, ulcers, cataracts, gum disease and menstrual problems. For more, be sure to read my recent blog.



Follow this link for tips to creating a green holiday kitchen.

Ask Dr. Taz MD:
What are your best tips for quitting smoking?

It is tough to quit a lifelong addiction like smoking but learning your triggers for this behavior are key.  Are you stressed?  anxious? depressed?  Or do you only smoke with certain friends or when you drink alcohol.  Finding your triggers can help then determine the best modality for smoking cessation.  In our practice, we recommend acupuncture, hypnosis, certain supplements, and sometimes, medications.  Finding a replacement habit is also helpful, like chewing gum, praying, meditation or exercise.

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Dr. Taz MD now serves as an Assistant Professor at Emory University School of Medicine in the Department of Preventive-Integrative Medicine.


Beauty Buzz: 

Although most anti-wrinkle creams have active ingredients that may work effectively on your skin, the results are not dramatic enough to encourage continued use of the products. It was found that the Food and Drug Administration does not regulate cosmetic products as strictly as they regulate drugs, testing them mainly for safety, not effectiveness. 

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