How It Works

  1. Your consult is done online—from anywhere—on a privacy-protected portal!
  2. Fill out our online patient and medical history and personal information forms. 
  3. Upload pertinent lab history for Dr. Taz MD to review.
  4. Enter payment information for the consult (cost $1,100). 
  5. Wait 72-business-hours for your personalized recommendations.

What is a Virtual Curbside Consult?

In medicine, my colleagues and I would often “curbside” each other in the halls of hospitals or clinics, meaning we would take some time to pick each other’s brains, reflect on tough cases and find answers.  It was an opportunity to serve our collective patients better. Skipping ahead to today, I now get stopped in the airport or grocery store or sent Facebook messages from people asking me for answers about their health. Though my heart is to help everyone, I realized I can only give very short answers in this format, and not truly influence a person’s health because I don’t have access to the WHOLE story.

If you don’t live near one of my Atlanta-based centers, and want answers to your health concerns—especially the root causes—then a Virtual Curbside Consult is perfect for you!

You will have the chance to sit in the comfort of your home, explain your health journey to me on a privacy-protected portal, and receive a customized plan of recommendations. Whether you are in England, Egypt or here in the U.S., I know this consult will give you concrete answers, provide you with a second opinion and improve your health.  Your Virtual Curbside Consult does not replace having a primary doctor—a relationship that is invaluable in getting you healthy—though your consult will only help the doctors and practitioners taking care of you!

What are you waiting for? Jump in, and let’s help get you healthy! I can’t wait to pour over what you submit and use all the knowledge and experience I have from caring for more than 10k patients over the past decade to help YOU!

In Health,
Dr. Taz MD

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