Integrative Heart Disease Prevention

The statistics are high and not in women or men’s favor…heart disease is a leading cause of death, often-times a silent killer in our society, and there are things we all can be doing to lower our risk! Are you doing everything you can to prevent heart disease? Check out my quick video and find [...]

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Beating Winter Colds

It’s wintertime and it seems like this year, even more than usual, the common cold is hitting hard! It strikes everyone in slightly different ways, and the length can vary from person to person. Though there’s not a silver bullet, I am going to give you some of my best cold-fighting tips that I’ve shared [...]

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3 Scary Chemicals to Avoid

As a parent, I know how hard it is to avoid all the food colorings and artificial additives that come packaged in our children’s favorite foods. But if you take a moment to scan the ingredients, you can locate healthier alternatives that your kids will find just as yummy. Here is the rundown on three [...]

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Best Women’s Health Tips by Decade

UPDATE: I've heard from so many women that found this post helpful, so I am sharing again as we kick of National Women's Health Week!I've yet to come across a woman who doesn't care about being healthy, looking her best and feeling great! Are you in your 20s, 30s or 50s? It doesn't matter! There [...]

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Prevent Spring Allergies Now

Allergies affect millions of people. In Atlanta, we see people with allergies all year round, but the worst time of year is the spring because of the pollen. The whole city is covered in a blanket of yellow pollen. The common symptoms I see with my patients are watery eyes, trouble breathing, and a pesky [...]

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