The Four Types of ADHD in Children

In the middle of summer, no one wants to think of going back to school. But for many parents of children with ADHD, summer is an opportunity to reevaluate their children in a relaxed setting and wrestle with the best options for their developing minds. Most parents are fearful of the medications and personality changes [...]

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Back to School Time and The 5 Kids You Need to Know

With almost 50 million children headed back to school, the start of another school year can be anxiety ridden for both adults and children. Once the backpacks are bought and school supplies packed (along with new shoes, clothes and more), the reality of a new teacher, a new classroom and new peers sets in. As [...]

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Children + Screen Time

It appears as though the more we dive into the digital world the less we can escape it. I always find it mind-boggling to see young toddlers playing on smartphones with ease at restaurants. I sometimes have to pause and remind myself that this is the new norm. But what are the consequences of introducing [...]

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Getting Back-to-School Ready with ATL & Co.

The end of summer is near, which means it’s about that time to send your little ones off to school again! Time to join the hustle and bustle of school supply shopping, bus ride arrangements, parent-teacher conferences, and much, much more. As July nears its end and fall begins to introduce itself again, it’s important [...]

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3 Tips for a Successful Start This School Year

It’s that time of year again. Soon begins the car pools, PTA meetings, after school sports, report cards—enough to send even the most organized of parents into frenzy. Our team is ready to meet the pediatric health care needs of your family. Here are a few general tips to keep your children well as you [...]

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