What’s in My Family’s Carry-on? (Snacks, Activities, Emergency Kit)

Feed the kids well. Keep them busy. Prepare for emergencies.These three things were at the top of my mind when packing for our recent trip to Hawaii. A little preparation made all the difference in the world! The kids were fantastic travelers on the 9-hour flight. My husband did pretty well too, wink. [...]

5 Ways To Help Your Children Sleep Well On Vacation

Vacation can be a wonderful time to restore ourselves and to fully delight in our family, the beauty of nature and plenty of good food. But what happens when the kids are jumping on the hotel bed more than they are sleeping in it. And when they hit a wall mid-week because they’ve lost two [...]

How to Keep Your Little Athlete Safe

Encouraging kids to participate in their favorite sports is a great way to set healthy exercise habits for years to come - even if it’s just a game of tag or kickball in the backyard! But sports injuries and dehydration are a serious matter.If you really want to “CHEER” them on, be in the know [...]

  • Dr Taz

Back-to-School Survival Guide, Part I: Master the Schedule

August signals the end of summer and the start of another busy school year. Children, and their parents, are adjusting to new schedules, new activities and new teachers. With my 5-year-old headed off to kindergarten, I also feel the combined anxiety and excitement as my child begins a new chapter. Going back to school, I [...]

Influenza: Your Family’s Protection Plan

Flu season typically peaks between January and February, but the time to start boosting your family’s immunity is NOW! Today I’m sharing a list of practical tips to help you put together a protection plan. There are many steps you can take to cut your risk of contracting the flu (or reduce the severity and [...]