Dr. Taz’s Kombucha “Mojito” (Alcohol Free)

Lime and mint mingle perfectly with kombucha for a “just sweet enough” mocktail that tastes remarkably close to the real thing. But unlike the real thing, this refreshing drink gives you a boost of energy from the probiotics! Enjoy and serve this recipe for your next gathering and give your body a break from alcohol [...]

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Chopped Chard Salad (Red, White and Blue for the Fourth of July!)

The Fourth of July is right around the corner. If you’re looking for something to take to a cookout, here is a deliciously appropriate red, white and blue salad. Crisp lettuce, slightly bitter chard, sweet berries and crunchy pepitas are tossed in a honey-laced lemony dressing. Fresh flavors that pop!People love it when this kind [...]

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A Note to My Women Readers (And a Chai Smoothie Recipe!)

To All My Women Readers,As we begin National Women’s Health Week, I’ve been thinking about how much nurturing we as women do. Nurturing our passions and ambitions, family and friends, and (hopefully) ourselves – body, mind and spirit. To me, nurturing is a combination of love, grace and self-discipline. All of these can be combined [...]

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