Indulgent Antioxidant Smoothie

With National Alzheimer’s Month on our minds this month, it’s time to be thinking of prevention. Research suggests it might be possible to influence the development of Alzheimer's Disease by your diet or by taking dietary antioxidants. A great way to get in antioxidants is with a daily green smoothie. This indulgent cocoa smoothie doesn’t quite look so green, [...]

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Healthy Summer Basil Rolls

What better time than summer to get healthy and focus on the foods you eat! While it is a great time of year to travel and spend time with family, most of us get caught up in losing our regular nutrition routine, falling away from our healthy habits. Take the time this season to enjoy healthy, clean eating, and use [...]

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Curried Red Lentils

Looking for a nicely spiced dish with plenty of protein to boot? I love this recipe for Curried Red Lentils from my book, What Doctors Eat. And if you’re working to increase your micronutrient intake, or trying to eat for your fertility, it’s a great choice! Enjoy! […]

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