The Holiday De-Bloat Smoothie

Everyone is guilty of overdoing it during the holiday season. Trust me, we have all been there—it’s the dreaded discomfort that accompanies the common, but unpleasant belly bloat. The day after I indulge from a party or family gathering, I always have my fridge stocked with these simple ingredients! That way, I can quickly rehydrate [...]

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Refreshing Juice Blends for Hot Summer Days

It’s time for the weekend, and it’s hot out there! Try refreshing yourself with one of these delicious juice blend recipes instead of soda, sweet tea of sugary alcoholic drinks. So break out your juicer and experiment away. The first is a bit more my speed—not so sweet and a little tangy. The second recipe, [...]

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Smoothie Bowls with Acai Berries

If you haven’t heard, smoothie bowls are the new smoothie. Smoothie bowls are different from smoothies because they are thicker and you actually eat them out of a bowl with a spoon. Kids love smoothie bowls because it makes them feel like they are having ice cream for breakfast, and I like them because they [...]

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3 Ways to Use Leftover Hard-Boiled Easter Eggs

I can remember as a kid waiting for our Easter eggs to boil so we could decorate them. As a mom, I love seeing my kids get excited about the very same thing. As soon as they see Easter bunnies and candy on display, they always ask when we are going to decorate our Easter [...]

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