The Holiday De-Bloat Smoothie

Everyone is guilty of overdoing it during the holiday season. Trust me, we have all been there—it’s the dreaded discomfort that accompanies the common, but unpleasant belly bloat. The day after I indulge from a party or family gathering, I always have my fridge stocked with these simple ingredients! That way, I can quickly rehydrate [...]

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Cherry Cocoa Chia Pudding (Dairy- and Gluten-Free)

Need a sweet treat for your loved one this Valentine’s Day? Eating healthy doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself, or your loved ones. Here is one of my favorite recipes for a Cherry Cocoa Chia Pudding that is so simple yet tastes decadent! Share with loved one post dinner, use for a quick breakfast for [...]

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3 Winter Smoothies

Even though it is cold outside, it does not mean you need to ditch your morning smoothie! Smoothies are a great way to pack in a ton of nutrition before 9 a.m. There are some tricks to winterize your daily smoothie. You could skip the ice and/or frozen fruit, blend the smoothie for 3 or [...]

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