What’s the Deal with “Raw” Water?

Also, referred to as unprocessed, live, and off-the-grid water, raw water has been making headlines around the country. I can remember as a child when water was just water, and turning on the tap and filling a glass was as natural and safe as not wearing seatbelts once was—things have changed! Not only has awareness [...]

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From Calories to Cleanses: Weight Loss Secrets For the New Year

It’s that time again—another New Year, another opportunity for renewal and reinvention. For many, a New Year starts with a few weeks of inspiration followed by a return to unhealthy habits. A reason for the lackluster motivation is frustration that accompanies the world of weight loss along with misinformation or too much information. Is it [...]

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The Holiday De-Bloat Smoothie

Everyone is guilty of overdoing it during the holiday season. Trust me, we have all been there—it’s the dreaded discomfort that accompanies the common, but unpleasant belly bloat. The day after I indulge from a party or family gathering, I always have my fridge stocked with these simple ingredients! That way, I can quickly rehydrate [...]

Composting 101

I have always wanted to know more about composting, so in honor of Earth Day this year, I caught up with my friend and compost enthusiast Lisa Sehannie, of Green Gurlz, to hear more about Vermicomposting (or worm composting). She taught me so much, and I’m excited to share this video with you. Not so [...]

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Spring Clean Your Gut

Spring isn’t just a time to cleanout the clutter. It’s also a time to kick start your health and cleanout your fridge from those heavy winter foods! I strongly believe that the gut is the body’s command center and can greatly influence weight-loss. I’ve had numerous patients shed unwanted pounds just by healing their gut. [...]