Ask Dr. Taz MD: Feb 10th, 2014

Dear Dr. Taz,
I like your approach to health and nutrition! I drink a lot of bottled water and I am wondering how safe it is to drink out of plastic bottles? You recently mentioned on Live with Kelly and Michael to drink filtered tap water as an option. I have tried this as well, but with the softened water in the house, I am concerned with extra salt intake and it does not taste as good and the bottled water.

Answer: Bottled water often does taste better than tap water due to the differences in sterilization or cleaning of the water. Tap water is from a public works facility and is often cleaned using chlorine, while bottled water is cleaned using ozone, which is tasteless and colorless.

Typically, drinking from plastic water bottles is not advised, unless those bottles are made of a particular plastic that is BPA free and free of additional phthalates and parabens. If you are going to drink from a plastic bottle, then check the type of plastic you are using, make sure you clean the cap frequently, and do not allow water to sit in a plastic bottle for more than 3-5 days after opening. If your physician has recommended you watch your sodium intake, then you might consider utilizing a steam water distillersystem. In short, water is heated to the boiling point, which kills viruses and bacteria. As the water boils, the steam rises and the impurities evaporate, leaving the pure water behind in a clean container for drinking. This process of purification leaves can drastically reduce the sodium level in the water. There are many different companies who make these types of purification systems, but with a little research, you can find one that works for your needs.

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