Activate Your Inner Super Woman

Women of today are expected to play so many roles— to be feminine, yet own our power and be accomplished. We must be nurturing to our children and partner, and often care for our aging parents, neighbors and friends, while still maintaining the home or our work obligations. We’re supposed to look right, seemingly stop the aging process, stay healthy and have plenty of energy. I’m worn out just thinking about the societal pressures placed on us, and I see how this wears women down in my patient rooms everyday. You see, I truly believe that women are the backbones of our families, our communities, our neighborhoods, and honestly, of society. No matter what definition you arrive at for what it means to be a woman—you can’t ignore the fact that thriving in today’s world requires more from you than ever before.

But how do we do ALL OF THE ABOVE and keep our sanity? How do we keep our passion alive and have the energy to match it?

Well, my mission is to empower women to to find their super powers, restore their health and wellbeing, and embrace their purpose and gifts. After treating thousands of patients I’ve found that the only way for a woman to find lasting health is to uncover her unique makeup. To truly understand her core challenges and makeup and pair the right mind-body health plan to optimize her chemistry! I’ve seen this work for more than 10,000 women in my Atlanta-based practice and I can’t wait to see it work for you.

I’ll teach you my health hacks, help you find lasting energy and vitality, and show you how to live the life you were destined to lead.

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