3 Ways to Change Up Your Morning Smoothie

Are you tired of your same old morning smoothie?  We all have our fave smoothie mixtures down pat, so why fix something that isn’t broken? I get it. Change is hard, but it is important to switch up what we eat so we get the full spectrum of nutrients.  

You don’t need expensive powders or supplements to switch up your smoothie. I like to focus on real, whole, foods. Here are some ideas to change up your morning smoothie:

Beets and Apples.  Beets and apples go together quite nicely. I usually use raw beets because I have a Vitamix, but you can lightly steam them if you are worried about your blender.  Make sure to chop them up. Beets are high in iron, and they are excellent at purifying the blood.  Apples are high in fiber and cut the bitterness of the beets.  The best part is that beets make your smoothie a beautiful bright pink, which my daughter loves!  

Dried or Fresh Apricots. Many people put bananas in their smoothies because they are known for being high in potassium.  Another potassium-rich food you might want to try is apricots! The next time you make a smoothie that you would normally add a banana, throw in a few apricots instead!

Oats.  This definitely changes things up! Adding just a tablespoon or two of dry or cooked steel cut oats, adds a whole lot of dietary fiber, which adds bulk to your smoothie making it extra thick. Fiber helps to keep us satiated. Throw in some blueberries and you have yourself a healthy blueberry muffin in a glass!  If you are avoiding gluten, look for gluten free oats.